Please, PLEASE fire Suitor...

I can't take this clown any longer!

How many times can he state how much Toronto has "improved" when they get PASTED two weeks in a row?

His only other point was that Henry Burris has gone back to his favourite restaurant for his pre-game meal. He must have mentioned this half a dozen times!!

I can't stand listening to his ramblings about nothing. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the game, then shut the heck up. I feel sorry for Cuthbert (whom I actually enjoy listening to) because he has to work with this hack.

Put Suits and Black on a slow boat to the world figure skating championships never to return... YIKES!

So true!!

Duane Forde has been far better so far, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Suitor is bad but Black is worse.

I generally like Suitor, but even I was chuckling when he said the Argos were 'improved.' Why, Glen, because they beat a sloppy Ti-Cat team in week one? Because they got destroyed by their own penalties and turnovers in week two? Or maybe because they got destroyed by their own penalties and turnovers plus poor offensive playcalling in week three?

There's a progression there, but it ain't improvement. :lol:

Suitor has a lot of football knowledge, and when he sticks to Xs and Os he's actually very good, but saying Toronto is improved was flat-out wrong, just filler nonsense to fill up the airwaves.

Lets be honest…they both s**k

Golly, you guys are harsh.

Ever consider the idea that trying to say intelligent and insightful things about a 44-9 blowout for three hours is actually very difficult?

This has got to be a joke...Glen Suitor, and Rod Black are solid reporters, with years of solid reporting skills. You don't always have to agree with their opinions, but I'd sure be interested in hearing some of the insight you could bring to the table.


Sorry Bob but they get fixated on one topic and lose the audience

Good point, Mr. Young.

I don't think they are all that bad but they need to have some scripted banter for when games are not very exciting. Saying the same comments over and over really shows a lack of any production value.

I agree with Caretaker, the CFL may be the toughest and most unpredictable league to cover or commentate when you never know from week to week who will be good or bad

Best thing to do if you dont want to hear the commentators is to watch the game with the volume off. Suitor may not be the best, but hes no doubt better than the guy who would replace him.

Personally, I like Suitor, always have.

Mrs MadJack likes him as well, albeit for a very different reason........................

But as with anyone in the broadcasting business, he'll have his fans and he'll have his detractors.

I've thought Suitor is the worst in the business for quite some time.

His cheesiness aside, this guy begins the game with a theme/topic then proceeds to beat said theme/topic to death over the next three hours. His theme last night - "The Argos are an improved team" - was just plain nonsense in light of last night's and last week's debacles.

Suitor is beyond a doubt the worst colour commentator in the history of CFL Broadcasting. I have no problem ignoring silly comments about one team or another improving. It's the seemingly endless repetition of the same theme/story over and over and over again that makes him the worst in the business. He's a one trick pony that routinely ignores the game itself, so he can pontificate about some some trivial story that only Suitor cares about. The mute button gets a regular workout when Suitor calls a game.

Suitor was falling all over the Argos until the rout started, he definitely has a big man crush on them.

I agree with the principle of what you're saying, but it's inapplicable in this case. Saying the Argos are improved over and over again, particularly in the waning moments of a 44-9 blowout, is just off-base as a color commentator. Glen, be honest, and don't do PR for the Argos just because their fanbase is somewhat tepid: the Argos are not improved ... yet. Winning your season opener doesn't mean you're improved. The TiCats were 1-1 last season in week two, and we all know how that turned out. Instead of absurdly pumping up the team that lost badly last week and was losing badly last night, be specific about the team's positives but also about its negatives. Calling the Argos an improved team just diminishes your credibility as a football man.

Just another example of TSN (Toronto Sports Network) bias coverage of the Agros.

They have been doing it for years.

Mods please give him an infraction. Saying "golly" isnt allowed on

Rod Black seems to be saying thing against Hamilton and that make me angry, I'm touche about the Hammer to many people like to knock my beloved team. :thup: