Please Obie Do something

Fire someone, cut someone, trade someone, let us fans know you are committed to turning this thing around. Give us fans a reason to come down to Ivor Wynne during the weekends and know there are brighter days ahead. You look at Winnipeg and they traded Charles Roberts, a corner stone in that franchise for years, why did they trade him? because they want the fans to know they are not going to sit here and let the losing continue, they are going to try something new to give them a spark. So please Obie do something, don’t just sit on your hands.

Sometimes the best trade is the one you never made. I'm not suggesting they shouldn't do anything, however, I am suggesting that they shouldn't panic, like most of us fans would like to see them do. If you trade now it's from a position of weakness, you will not get full value for anything you offer. You need to wait until another team is desperate for something you have and then talk trade.

Change for the sake of change wont change anything. Nor will i tmake this fan any happier. Fire someone if he has a better replacement. Cut someone if there is a better replacement. Trade someone if he fills a need or we get someone better in return.

Of course then the board will be flooded with posts like "what was OB doing firing that guy, or trading him, or cutting him. He has lost his touch"

8) If you take the time to read Steve Miltons article in the Spec today you will see what Obie is going to do !!
He states that we are lacking in quality personel in a few areas, and he is going to try and rectify that problem by bringing in some new players from NFL cuts !!

You can forget about Charlie being fired now because it ain't going to happen.  They want to give Charlie some better players to work with and then assess the coaching situation at years end.

Granted, Charlie has made some mistakes along the way this year, but he can only work with the players that he has been given, and obviously some of them are just not good enough to compete in this league !!

If you want to blame anyone for the quality of some of our players this year, then Obie I am sure would assume that resonsibity and blame !!!!

That brings me to a previous post -who in the name of flying bangos thought we had the right talent to fix the obvious holes. The left tackle has been an absolute human turnstyle for 3 fricking years. The people who evlauate these guys are wacked. We need talent - and only talent will solve our problems along with sound coaching decisions.

The left tackle has been an absolute human turnstyle for 3 fricking years. The people who evlauate these guys are wacked. We need talent - and only talent will solve our problems along with sound coaching decisions.
The people who evaluated those players are no longer here.

That's a load of crap - the entire coaching staff evaluate each player after each game while watching game film. Someone needs to get off their frickinh hands and get this ship afloat before we sink. I don't buy your thoughts at all.

8) I beg to differ with you, but Dan Rambo (dir. of player personel) has been with the club for over a year now, and Obie has been with us since last December !!!
 They are the ones responsible for bringing in new talent where needed  !!

I agree.

We are now at the end of the NFL preseason cutting frenzy -- the prime time to bring in talent from down south. This is the period where Obie and Rambo have to do their jobs and find competent replacements where we have been weak on the field.

One fact that cannot be underemphasized is how the pre-SMS re-signing frenzy in November 2006 has factored into the shalow FA pools of 2007 and 2008. We should find a deeper pool coming up in 2009.

My hope is that we can find a diamond in the rough either from scouting recruitment or in-house from the practice roster. I'm hoping to see Earnest Jackson in the near future to shake up the receiving corps a bit because we cannot continue to have receptionless passengers in our passing attack game after game.

Oski Wee Wee,

If you fire someone, you'd better have a better guy lined up. If you want to trade a guy, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any takers for most of the current Cats. If you cut a guy, you'd better have a better guy lined up to take his place. None of the these scenarios looks very likely.

Bottom line--status quo for 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

Obie already brought in one NFL cut, the DT that got cut from New Orleans I believe. He played better than the guys we had, so that was one positive move. Obie knew we had a need and he filled it when he could. You have to realize that star players aren't just sitting at home waiting for a phone call at midseason.

(p.s. I'll gladly go play left tackle if you want, I'll even help the ratio! But I'm sure I won't be as good as Woodard. They have to have someone better to replace him, otherwise they won't cut him.) Actually, they already benched Woodard for one game, so they've acknowledged the fact that he isn't getting it done. But I guess their experiment failed so they went back to him, for now.

I'm sure we'll see a few NFL cuts sign here, some will stick, some won't, but one thing I am sure of is that Obie's going to bring in new players.

I'm not blaming the players for the last
lost. That goes solely to the bad play
calling by the coaching staff.PERIOD