Please no Marching Bands this year

I hate Marching Bands .
I live 10 min from where the Teen Tour Band Practices.
In the Summer I hear then too much.

Please give us better half Time Shows.
Maybe a Live Rock band or two.

I am Tired of Marching bands.

i also hate the bands!
i probly wouldnt like a rock band any better but we do need alot better half time show.

I kind of like the bands but better 1/2 time shows would be nice

yeah, what he said!

aww, come on.
i like marching bands, especially the new-style american ones (such as the band from ohio northern university or those high school bands from the lehigh valley in pennsylvania). they remind me of that cool flick, drum line. they've been at ivor wynne numerous times.

what i don't want is any more pandering to rock bands such as with the ho-hum interview and video with marble index (the season before last) or those crappy fly-ball dogs. enough already.

marching bands is somehow so football. more please!

but i would like to see also rock bands too.

I added a Poll to the thread..
Marching Bands are annoying but that's my Personal Opinion

I agree with ticatguy. If anyone has ever seen the "Drumline" movie which is based on marching bands from the Atlanta area they know what he's talking about. The Burlington Teen Tour Band is not in that category.

Please no Rock bands, marching bands and please no cannons and while your at it turn the PA system down, way down. :wink:

I'm with those who actually enjoy the big marching bands.....the high school and college bands from the U.S.A that visit us are particularly good.

To me, it adds to the "football" atmosphere and I like it when they are in the stands during the game and start "jamming" for the fans .

I must be a bit "old school" perhaps but I do like having them at football games.


Loud heavy medal rock thats what we need over our PA system.

at labour day, i would like to see TC get on an ATV, riding n the back would be a live sized argos doll, he pushes it off, then rides a bit, turns around, then runs it over.

I'll agree with that too...AC/DC.. :twisted:

Speaking of Rock and Marching Bands, I always loved this video where Fleetwood Mac and the USC Trojans Marching Band teamed up.....USC has the coolest marching band in the world in my opinon...they always put on a real show !

(that would be a real "score" if we could get them (The Trojans Band) up here to do a Tiger-Cats game...if they happen to be touring through the NorthEast at some point.

I say marching bands during the game and jason farr at halftime catching frisbees in his yap!!!!!!

I enjoy hearing the marching bands pregame and at half time but with all due respect to the Burlington Teen Tour Band as they are good but they play the same song everytime the play . Does the song Strike Up The Band ring a bell ? I enjoy hearing something a bit different and actually seeing a bit of marching drills .

Here's another USC Marching Band/Fleetwood Mac video you might like......gotta hand it to those Americans's usually "Go Big ! or Go Home !"


I am another one who voted NO to the BTTB. As stated their music is repetitive and should be seen maybe once per year at the most. A few years back they were in the stands, at what seemed like every game, directly across from where I sit all I could think is that if I could hear them that loud during the games from across the field I always pitied those sitting close to them. If they could do something different then maybe twice a year.

Perhaps when we host a play-off game in November there could be some Remembrance Day ceremony to commemorate those that have fallen in the past and continue to do so in Afghanistan. Use the TigerVision to go through a photo album of the over 70 that have perished while there, while the CDN flag is unfurled and the BTTB plays appropriate music such as Taps and The Last Post. This could be done during half-time rather than at the beginning due to the significance. I am sure that suriving Vets Canada-wide would be pleased. Currently there are but two left of the 600,000 plus Canadians that enlisted for service of some type during WWI, Gladys Powers in Abbotsford, BC and John Babcock in Spokane, Washington.

I'll go one better - how about live members of the ArgoNotes band - push them out of the back of a van and have TC run them over :twisted:

Check out this excerpt from the Drumline movie...

How can anybody not like the fly-ball dogs?

How could anybody like Jason Farr?

should do something like the bulldogs do with timbits hockey. cept do whatever little kids football league is in hamilton

perhaps battle of the bands all season and winner gets to play labour day ??

or tie jason farr up to the goal post and draw names to shoot him with a paint ball gun

something to think about

i would love to see that, but lets try and stay legal. I would atleast like to see TC do the ATV thing before the game.