Please ... new TSN digital intros this year!

Can somone at TSN please tell me that you will finally update the very old graphics package this year? Generally, I love the job TSN does. The cast and crew are top notch. Studio guys do a great job analyzing, Chris and Glen as the #1 guys are awesome, and the overall production quality is fantastic. However, the opening introduction sequence for both Friday Night Football and the regular CFL on TSN show definitely needs updating. With the launch of the new jerseys, 100th Grey Cup, and all the hoopla this year ... this has to be the year to update the graphics package, doesn't it? Spend some money and show us the premier digital package, TSN! Get the programming wizards to create an all-new, substantial moving graphics package to be aired during games, timeouts, and opening intros. We need to absolutely showcase the league. In my opinion, the opening sequence is severly lacking .. one of the last things needing a big fix. Make the CFL digital images and highlights packages better than the NFL shows. I'm counting on you, TSN. Is an upgrade pending?


I think you might get your wish. I while ago (maybe a week ago) I saw on twitter that some musician had reached a deal with TSN and it had something to do with Friday Night Football. My guess is that the theme will be redone, and if that's the case, the opening graphics will probably be redone too.

In keeping with the anniversary year; I humbly suggest...

No, don't change it.

Man I never understand people who have different opinions than mine lol.

Agreed, everything except "Chris and Glen as the #1 guys" "Glen" just can't shut up!! he just yaps on with far too much information!!! They do great coverage but when it's Suitor I turn the sound off.

Just get a new Friday Night Football theme and I will be happy. The current theme must have been created by people wanting to achieve the ultimate level of cheese in a rock-based theme.

IMO it makes TSN and the CFL look and sound 2nd rate. TSN may be 2nd rate but the CFL deserves better.

That's weird that you would say that because as soon as that Friday Night theme starts playing the whole family races to the TV room. Even the kids love the theme and the CFL needs to attract younger viewers.

Agreed! They need to be revamped. Actually, slightly related, I look forward to the digital intros on the Arcelor Mittal scoreboard every spring to see what the team came up with for the Cats intro. Anyone else?