Please Make the Sailboat 80s logo permanent for the Double Blue

Shoud we start a petition? The Classic Sailboat logo the Argos have been using since Labour Day should be their permanent logo. IMO was always the coolest looking logo in all of football (ok im an Argos fan so im biased) but why they got rid of it in 1989 was beyond me (Stupid Harry Ornest, when he bought the team on route to Skydome, changed it to just say “Argos”). If anything is to come out of this awful season its this. Thoughts?

I get the retro appeal. It’s just pretty damn cheesy to just stick sails on football.

Get it? Cus we play football. And named after sailors… get it?


They should go back to the boat logo, but update it.

The same strategy worked perfectly for the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays.

I agree. And I think they are considering bringing the boat back permanently . . . not sure if they're thinking about updating it though.

Some of the updating I think involved the ball being brown on the logo .

Does it need to be that colour and what would it look like with a blue on blue .

I’ve always been a big fan of the boat logo. So a modernized version, even removing the brown and going with double blue would work.

At tomorrow’s home finale, merchandise is 40% off. I don’t believe they did it last year…maybe they’re clearing out as much of the current logo as possible to make way for the new design…one can always dream…

I love it!

I can see another nickname added to the list: the double blue, the scullers, the boatmen, the blue balls . . .

I like having the brown but I also really like that design above. I wouldn't mind if they updated the ball to have stripes.

I think the orginal ball-boat logo had stripes, though they were old-fashioned double stripes.

Always have loved the boat logo myself.

Maybe make it a bit smaller but I like it.

Hopefully they will keep the boat logo with an updated look.

Not an argo fan, but always liked the boat logo. Logo on previous post is cool. But do you want “blue and ball” in description?

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I would think that you are correct.
A 40% off sale is unusual, so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are changing the logo next year.

Sadly, I think that this management group is unimaginative enough to simply go back to the former boat logo.
A move to a double blue and white boat logo (like the image in the post above) would be ideal imo.
I don’t expect it though.

I agree!

That would be a good chant instead of just ARRRRGOOOOS it would be now

Bluuuuue Baaaaalls .

The chant would be a real release for a few fans .

Never mess with someone with Blue Balls .

Please no. I wouldn’t want to wear the boat logo on any merchandise. It looks like a turd in toilet water.

Part of the problem with the Argos, IMO, is they’ve had way too many logo and uniform changes ( not to mention ownership changes ) over the years that they’ve become unrecognizable.

We’ve had a very clean logo for the past 14 years. Let’s keep that. Changing the logo won’t help anything.

I like the boat for a game or two each year but not permanently.

Who does the ugly boat logo appeal to - people in their 60’s or older who remember the early 80’s teams fondly.

Anyone else, it’s a turd logo.

Yep. I think the love of that logo is rooted in nostalgia.

Selling a few pieces of retro merch is okay, but it's a terrible choice for a primary logo.

LOL . Yup , a turd logo for a turd of a team .

Which would make it the perfect logo for a franchise that nobody gives a sh!t about . It also makes perfect sense considering that they play their home games at Bowel Movement Field .

A good nickname in fact for BMO could be the Big Red Toilet Bowl .

A great slogan could be "Come on down to BMO and watch the Argos get Flushed"

Instead of being known as the Good ship Argos they could be known as the Good sh!t Argos...because hey , who doesn't enjoy having a really good sh!t now and then ? :smiley:

Get yer marketing people on this right away Tronna . Make it happen !!! ;D

All kidding aside , as much as I HATE and DESPISE the team I've always liked the Sail Boat logo as the sharpest logo that they have ever had . 8)