Please Maciocca start Johnson or Jyles next game!

For all the hits Ricky Ray has taken this year, it's surprising he was able to put up the stats he did, and not miss one single game of the season. He's still the best quarterback in the league in my mind.
Maciocca, please don't be stupid and start him for the next two games, risking injury to Ray. We have yet to see Johnson or Jyles throw more than a few passes each, it's time to give them a chance.

I hate to actually agree with a'Smo fan before the body is even cold, but it is a good idea.
Ricky did everything humanly possible to drag your team this far.
Let him rest. In peace!

Not a bad idea Esks123, give the backup guys some reps. You never know when you may need the back up guy to develop and be ready.

I speak from experience! LOL

Well Sporty, having Dizzy Dave to ensure QB developement, certainly didnt hurt your cause :slight_smile: