Please leave your Umbrellas home

I had two people in Front Of Me With Umbrellas
Blocking my View and Making evermore wet
please leave them Home.
get a Rain Poncho and leave the Umbrellas home please

Other than that though, are you glad you were talked into going to the game in this thread?

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The announced attendance was 19,000 and change......couldn't you have just moved a bit to a less congested area for the game? It was really pouring rain tonight in the second half and you'll never get rid of all umbrellas if they are allowed by the management. Seriously, in weather like this, there are always open areas to sit with nobody in front of you. I'd just move over (the "live and let live" rule)

It's incredibly ignorant for people to bring and use umbrellas. There were alot around me. I think security should stop them from using them.

I have no problem with them. There are many long time fans that are senior citizens and also people bring their kids........those two groups of fans are the most vulnerable to pneumonia (the young and the elderly)

If it's really a downpour, I'd rather see them stay relatively dry than to get sick........Myself, if I don't like umbrellas I'd just move to an area that has more empty seats around (which you can always find in bad weather) and let those who need umbrellas use them.

Gee.. maybe the Cats brass need to make an umbrella zone now


LMAO......was just thinking something like that, always something for someone :roll:

Ticats Should band any Umbrella sorry it blocks people view.
It rude to have them sorry

8) Wow Tom, with all the bad luck you had at the game tonight, maybe you would have been better to not go to the game at all !!!!

Every time the People moved their Unbrealla The water poored on me
and my View was block
then they stand up and block my View.

A little bit of tolerance of others in life makes you live longer and happier "Onknight". It was pouring rain tonight so it's not a biggie to suck it up and not make such a big deal about some umbrellas when all you could have done is move to a less populated area to sit. A lot of those umbrellas are being held by senior citizens if you notice........a senior's needs always trumps our needs every time in life in my opinion.(especially when it comes to health and comfort) :roll:

Sorry but there no Room to Move where I was .

Then move to where you wasn't....

It’s called the HAAA Grounds. :wink:

Sorry, old school reflexes. LOL

How is the umbrella obstruction a matter of tolerance? Why is the onus on the other spectators to move if someone opens an umbrella in front of them? If an individual is vulnerable to illness then they shouldn't be sitting in an open air stadium during a rainstorm. Tom paid good money for his seat which is supposed to be unobstructed. What happened to consideration for others in our society?

Same could be said for the umbrella holder, there's 2 sides to this politically correct situation Ockham!

Good grief…any other entitlements you feel entitled to that you’re going to whine about on the forums and start threads about ?

The general Rule of Thumb in life is to pick your battles and trust me, this is a silly one to fight. How often do umbrellas ever become needed at a Tiger-Cats game? game a year on average? most, two?’s only 3 hours out of your life for cripes sakes and you’d rather some elderly fan gets soaked to the skin and possibly get sick so you can sit there in perfect comfort?..move to an empty area if it bothered you so much. A bit of chivalry does your soul good.

I’ve even had beer sprayed on me after a touchdown and it didn’t bother me one bit…it’s an expected thing at a football game…

I really don’t understand why you incessantly find something new to complain about all the time…be happy we won and don’t worry about a bit of rain water that dripped on you from someone’s umbrella…it’s a minor thing really.

why shouldn't the people with the umbrellas be the ones to move? why should Tom have to move?


:D :D :D

I am THE Poncho Villa, East endzone, 1980s LMAO

The Your Option not mine ..
Umbrellas are rude to people behind you ..
I am intitled to complane I paid for my Ticket Deerhunter(Mikey)