......I hope we aren't put through anymore pain.....This team just self-destructed today.....I hate being taken for a huge SUCKER....but i tell ya the fans will get the last laugh :twisted: :twisted: Bauer has to be gone as well....funny him just being selected as Wpg. man of the year.....sure wasn't for the way he's handled the Bombers in 09....Two HUGE ERRORS...not bringing in Printers....cutting Ramonce Taylor obviously Kellys calls were just crap on those...just 2 that come to mind... :thdn:

Start a petition online, i'll be the first to sign for you :lol:
hated this guy from the first stupid comment he made and still do.

And this is why you do not make a mediocre position coach your HC and GM without seriously interviewing anyone else. Particularly when said man has spent 10 of the last 11 years out of football.

I was anticipating trouble this whole year with Kelly, but I have to admit that I had no idea he would flame out this badly and mess the team up so thoroughly on so many levels.

Doug Berry must be hysterical with laughter right now.

It's not too late for Bauer to make things right, yes he made a big mistake by putting Kelly in charge of everything (including the firing of Taman) cutting Taylor, losing Armstrong because of his ego and now Simpson wanting out, it's all on Kelly, yes Bauer made the mistake of putting Kelly in charge, but bauer can somewhat make up for that by shipping Kelly out before we lose Simpson, also by bringing in Printers and start rebuilding around him at QB, we can't rebuild around Bishop, Randall, LeFors or Bramlen. Casey Printers deserves a second chance and he should get that shot in Winnipeg, before it's too late.

…it’s okay to say we’ll fire Kelly…HOWEVER …we have to have a replacement for the rest of 09…I suggested Richard Harris could take over…maybe Nelson who had the d humming but has now ,it looks like, thrown his hands up in the air and said …this is over…Kelly as reiterated very empatically on the post game NO PRINTERS COMING TO THE PEG…Welllllllll it may not be your call anymore Mike…see ya later… :thdn:

Is that Re-Sign or resign? :lol:
Joking aside he's like the plague, if he goes he's taking the Bombers down with him.

Yes, it's done ! Probably the organization should take therir time finding the right coaching and management staff. There is no panicking and not bring in the right people. Rick Worman has been around the CFL for a long time, maybe he gets a shot. I hope our fans don't think somebody is going to walk in, wave a magic wand and make us in to instant winners. Our Receivers,Qb's and now defence are not good enough. The team has quit !

With 8 games left to play, getting to last year's 'unacceptable' 8-10 record will be a miracle, even though most of those games are at home. If the Bombers could get blown out against a hated rival in their own backyard in a crucial game for their playoff hopes, they don't have any home-field advantage. In fact, they'd probably be better off playing on the road.

Calling for the Bombers to bring in Printers shows a lack of attention to what Printers did in Hamilton or anywhere else for that matter other than one good year in BC. Printers is not a good QB. Neither is Bishop but he comes alot cheaper than Printers and is a team player (not that it means much when you're getting kicked). Bringing in Printers would be a HUGE mistake.

The fact remains that regardless who the Bombers bring in to QB, he will be ripped and shredded by fans and media alike. The fans and media couldn't get rid of Glenn fast enough last year and now many of them whine about how he should never have been released.

The fans and media thought it was hilarious how Kelly called Sask the crotch of Canada. He was refreshing, new, energetic. Much better than Berry's low-key demeanor was last year. Now they site that as an example of how Kelly is disrespectful.

I want the Bombers to do well and truly feel sorry for a guy like papazoola who sticks with the team through thick and thin. But the Bomber fans and media got what they wanted and asked for. They wanted Glenn gone. They wanted Berry gone. Heck most of them even wanted Serna gone, but suddenly those calls have disappeared (could it be because he is doing a good job now that he is a bit more comfortable?) Almost everyone embraced Kelly. And if the Bombers were winning, Bomber fan egos would be huge and they would be saying Kelly was just what the team and league needed and who cares what other teams say about Kelly's comments.

Until the Bomber fans show a bit of patience, they will continue to suffer (as the Riders did for years pre-Shivers and Barrett, other than the 89 blip). I have no doubt that Kelly was left with nothing in the scouting department and it will take time to rebuild that. Even in the paper this weekend Taman said he did not have much for scouting help when he was here. No scouting means no depth and very little hope for the season to bring in players.

I do agree that Bauer has run his course. He was brought in to right a financial disaster and he did a masterful job of that and deserves full credit. However, his time has seemingly passed and the team needs new blood. And odds are, if a new man is put into Bauer's position, a new coach will be brought in so it makes no sense to dump Kelly right now.

.....A BIT OF PATIENCE ...just quoting you Big U........20 years and counting...i think the Bomber faithful have been pretty patient

...I realize you just can't pull the plug on a coach without huge repercussions....financially and in a lot of intangible ways..However there comes a time for re-assessment....What i witnessed yesterday was a team going in the opposite direction from what was promised....We all bought into Kellys rah...rah....but cripes man ...there is NO SUBSTANCE...I have sympathy for the rest of the fans who bought into Kellys rhetoric...only to realize we've been sold a bill-of-goods....The ONE great improvemnet was the d.....(okay kicking game) now it seems they've dropped to the offences' level...We are NOT IMPROVING...we're going backwards...Fault is the coaches...don't care how you want to put it...Something HAS to be done...Bauer better get a brain-wave...if in fact he has anymore up his sleeve...cuz the year and the fans are slipping away..I for one will never quit on this team....(like some of the players appeared to have done yesterday) i've been around too long to do that...BUT there has to be a major move....That farce yesterday was not acceptable in any way shape or form...What the Bomber brass comes up with is a huge question mark....I think you start really looking at the the pivot postion....Printers may be just another band-aid..we really don't know at this point,,,,but we should give him a shot...People do change and as a player (casey) and the Bomber team right now seem to have a lot in common .... we're both looking at the bottom of the barrel...Can both be resurected....MAYBE were both a good fit...Kelly has written Printers off without really giving the guy a look....what he based that on is anyones guess...Quite frankly i don't have any faith in his assessment of players..I say let the fans have the say on Printers...and if it doesn't workout...we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves...A bit easier to swallow than hanging it on the present coach or future one...Anyway....i feel we're at the start of have a good look at all of our options...The fans are tired of waiting for a winner in the Peg.. :expressionless:

I heard Kelly on CJOB after the game. Bob Irving asked if he would be willing to looking at Printers. The response from Kelly was No. Next question. It sounds to me that he is not willing to listen to any suggestions. He should resign and save the team any further disgrace,

I really think Printers has shown that he does not have what it takes to be a real solid leader and I think his time in the NFL screwed up his mechanics. Fault Kelly for a lot of things but staying away from Printers should not be one of them.

Kelly has to plan the offense properly around Printers, if Printers comes and if Kelly stays. Why do you think KJ sucks so bad this year? He's a scrambler that throws on the run and Andrus makes him stay in the pocket.

Printers isn't coming,so people need to get over that fact. Kelly probably will be here for the year, hopefully something works out for this team,but looks like things are getting worse.

Papa, I’m surprised. Wern’t you a big fan of Kelly’s?

Where is Doug Berry when you need him…?

Everyone on this forum praised the ground he walked on whilst other fans around the CFL watched in awe as this guy made a stupider move with each passing week. Glad to see they've smartened up, Kelly needs to go.

We just need a QB and we need to hang on to the ball. Ham and Tor are not going to run away with anything. We lose to mtl, this week, Tor will lose to B.C this week. Ham will be in very tough against CGY this week. We have EDM and TOR after MTL , we have 2 more games against Ham. So nothing is set in stone.
Kelly will be here for the rest of the year,so people either need to stop watching or stick with the Bombers through thick or thin. That's what true fans do, not jump off the band wagon as soon as the team has one awful year. If we had 5 years of this ,like Ham. has just gone through, then you could see people losing their minds. We just came off a home playoff game last year and a Grey Cup appearence in 2007. Big deal, had a bad year ! Cgy, had 3 awful years with feterik and the grease ball Fateri, Edm, missed the playoffs 2 consequtive seasons in 06 and 07, Ham. has been a disaster for most of this decade, Tor awful the last two years, BC was close to bankruptcy untill Bob Ackles and David Brailey came to BC and straightened things out, on and off the field. SK needed a telethon to save their team and couldn't draw flies , not so long ago. Now they are rolling in the dough. MTL was getting 4000 fans when they played at the big 0, they made a good decision going to a small venue . Every team goes through rough patches, it's a fact of pro sports, if you can't handle the bad times ,don't worry about being around for the good times!

You're in here often enough to know better than that. Even some Bomber fans who wanted Glenn replaced were put off by the way Kelly handled it, labelling him an albatross before putting him on the trade market and ensuring that everyone would just wait till he was cut, instead of trading him and getting something in return. Almost everything Kelly has done got a mixed review in here. You should touch base with the other posters who think that Bomber fans do nothing but complain; you can't both be right.

Fact is, we all have different breaking points (the last straw for me was probably the Lefors paycut but there were plenty of other straws for that to land on), and Kelly has pushed almost all of us past whatever line we drew. The Argos may be right to cut Andrus some slack until he learns the Canadian game; many of his errors have come from his ignorance of the fine points. Kelly's not like that; as has often been noted in this forum, many of his biggest errors have come from arrogance. A witty bit of bravado is OK if you can back it up, but arrogance combined with incompetence is a recipe for disaster, which is what we are witnessing. Sure, Berry had us 2-8 last year, but we weren't seeing scores like 14-5 and 55-10. The only reason we're not 2-8 right now is that the Argos out-stunk us in Toronto.

...Heh a fan, you support whoever is running or coaching YOUR becomes clear that you are heading in the wrong direction that was promised.....I'll reserve my right to 'pull' support or give it when warranted....Re-assessment takes place all the time in this league...I'm not tied to ONE OPINION....I'm sure you can understand that.. :wink: Who knows ...Kelly could pull this team out of the nose-dive it's currently in....I'm sure that would change everyones present opinion on the guy....HOWEVER i won't hold my in the meant time...GoBigBlue... :rockin:

Have no fear Papa, I found the paper bags from the Pezzim years..... I'll just replace the Lion Logo with the Bomber logo and ship them out! :wink: :wink: