Please improve Mascots for KIDS!

I have been bringing a new generation of Cat fans to the games and I have a very real complaint from a 4 year old.
The mascots are spending not spending enough time with the kids.
Stripes, to his credit, does spend the 1st quarter in the stands, but then only an odd cameo for the remainder of the game.
TC spends the entire game on the field !!!!
The 4 year old mentioned has detailed their movements regarding this for the last 4 games she has attended, including this & last season. The giant cats are of far more intrest to her than the play on the field.
I do not see the mascots attending the so called " family zone " Section 30 as indicated in the season ticket promo package as " a focal point ".
As a lifetime fan, I do appreciate the many efforts & improvements with the current ownership & support staff to enhance the game day experience. The mascots are the exception to these improvments.

That's a good point. TC and Stripes DO spend a lot of time in the field, and much of it seems to be in-game promotions. Heck, I remember he times when TC was more entertaining than the play on the field... lol

Agree- I've seen Stripes hit the walkway in the middle of Sec. 30 only once this year and I don't remember seeing T.C.

Now it may be because I'm not looking for them but I sure don't remember any crowds of kids around a mascot... and I do remember that in the past.

Perhaps a gentle reminder is in order.

Couldn't agree more

With two mascots, it should be easy to work out a system where one mascot is in the stands, while one is on the field at all times.

maybe we can bring in a import mascot... because our guys aren't doing the job LOL

they need to take some notes from bruiser (bulldogs mascot). and they also need to have hotdog cannons. we need more of that. food, cannons and mascots combined.

How about a poutine cannon?

that might burn. curd cannon sounds good though.

superdog; that is a good idea asking the Mascots to spend more time in the stands. I still have pictures of my kids, now adults, with TC wrapping his arms (paws) around them at the stadium. When the were younger it was a big thrill. My daughter always would take here stuffed TC to the game to sit with her.

Surprised we haven't had a "Trade Stripes" message yet.

Cheergirl hasn't been online for a while... lol