Please help.....WRONG LINK BEFORE

Hey you guys!

We entered our 10 month old in a contest to win grey cup tickets. Can you please help us out by watching our video

It would mean a lot to us. He might be the youngest football fan there!! Thanks so much you guys!!

The link is to the gorilla man video. Im hoping you just linked it wrong, clarify please.

gorilla man you say? hmmmm thats funny.

there's an ape man in the bc forum thats tryng to do the same sort of thing.

you don't think? i couldn't be....? really.
and saying that he entered his 10 month old... thats just too much.

you wouldn't be a bc fan? would you?


Sorry guys....I have no idea why that link came up. Here is the proper link. I hope I didn't just screw our chances

Go Argo baby! I'm the admin of that Facebook group you posted at, Chris Fischer.

Great video!

Hey Chris....thanks for the tip to post here.

Thanks Dust!!