Please Help Save Larry Smith !

Larry Smith has taken a "catastrophic" paycut , to get involved please visit :

...i can't believe the 'arrogance' of the man....If he was that worried about the drastic 'pay-cut' he was taking....he should've stayed where he was :oops: ...AND i'm sure most people could live quite well on that 'pay-cut'/...What world is this guy living in anyway....I think you fumbled the ball coming out of the gate Smith...What a laugher :oops:

Beat ya go it! I'd love to ONLY make $132k a year. I'm pretty sure I could somehow manage to make ends meet.

reminds me walter brennan in guns of will sonnett, always saying, no brag, just fact. In larry's case its, no complaint, just fact.

Poor Larry but me thinks he'll manage to survive. Instead of fillet mignons, it's down to sirloin but doesn't have to get down to blade steaks just yet I'm sure. :wink:

not to mention the pension he’ll be getting after 6 years of holding that position. What a clown.

I would be very surprised if Smith won the lac Saint-Louis riding. He isn't from there and has nothing in common with the people of Lachine.

FYI, Lachine is now in NDG-Lachine riding.

Lac-St-Louis riding is Pierrefonds, Ste-Genevieve, Kirkland, Pointe-Claire, Senneville, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Baie-d'Urfé & Beaconsfield.

Poor little Larry, how much was he charging again for his conferences relating to Als & football....per Bertrand Raymond it was 7000$ and did approx 30 in 2010......

Just like Grims, I would also make ends meet and don't forget all the other "perks" paid for by our TAXES that will make his life "miserable"....

(where's the smilie hitting the I can add it here !)

I still remember Harper, saying in the locker room to the team after Grey Cup that the team success was because of Larry....real fans know it's because of Popp & Trestman...don't take us for idiots !