please help me.

i have played football for several years now and i feel i need to get better. i love football more than any thing in the world. but i need to get more serious about it. i play middle linebacker and d-line sometimes and i was wondering if any one out there knew of a way to get better wheather it be a camp or even a gym to go to. but i would like to play in the pros someday and i was hoping someone could give me a better shot at doing that. cuz all i really wanna do is be the best i can be and even better. and you no hit people really hard.

It all depends on where you are. Most universities put on camps in the summer, unfortunately i would bet most are done. Depending on what grade you are in and if you are in the cities, try to at least go to the senior football camps. by these I mean, the grade and 11-12 teams usually start before school starts (at least here they do) so if you are in grade 9 or 10 go to these. If you are younger then that just stick to the peewee league you are in and don't take things too seriously. you are young, and you are out there to have fun. Plus you may be a linebacker now, but your body might change and you may be more suited for dline or db (stick to the defence though, way more fun). I was a o-linemen in grade 8, then a linebacker in 9 and 10 then a db in 11-12.

Most of all just go out there and have fun. Also watch as much football as you can, a great way to be better is to know the game better so you can anticipate plays, and make better reads

hope that helps

In Alberta, you can always try the AFL (Alberta Football League). Its a senior men's league thats fairly competitive ... Talent ranges from nobody's/highschoolers to junior/university to ex CFL'ers. It runs mostly spring/summer .. So it doesn't interfere too much with the junior/university leagues.

Let me know if you are in the area ...


Judging By Your Name I'm Guessing Your Not Looking For A Mens League And Your Grammer Suggests That Your Early High School (Am I Right?). Most High Schools Don't Have Football Teams So It Can Be Difficult To Find Places To Play. Every Province Has Summer Rep Leagues, The Best TWo Are Quebec And Alberta Although BC Summer Leagues Are Coming Into Their Owen. The Hardest Places To Get Into Football Would Be Ontario And The Maritimes. Without Knowing Your Age And What Area Your From It's Kinda Difficult To Beable To Give You Specifics, But I Garantee You There's Someone On This Site That Lives In The Same Area That's Gone Through A Football Program Near You.

Another Thing You Sould Look Into Is The Ron Diaz Football Camp. It's An Annual Football Camp That's Held At Major Universities Across Canada. It's Put On By Top US College Coaches So It's A Really Good Learning Tool And A Great Way To Get Your Foot In The Door If You Want To Go Down South. The Year I Did It Keyhole From The University Of Florda Was One Of The Coaches There So It's A Lot Of Big Names.

ID camps are the best way to get to get serious, hit the on speed and strength. maybe get a buddy who can work out with you. run alot, get in the best shape you can, but as a MLB, you must hit the gym....bench press, and do your homework so you can work on different muscles every other day, and get all your'd be more helpful if i knew where a bouts you lived

by the way i live in alberta and i am going into highschool next year.

Foot ball kid, Contact Jim Barker at the Calgary Stampeders office he has a football school that preps you for pro football. He would be able to help you with your questions more then any poster on this site.

Oh christ .. you're like 13 then ... Just do the standard highschool football program .. if you are any good you'll get noticed and pushed in the right direction ... whether that be junior football or university ball .. or go south ..

Message me in 4 years when you're out of highschool. We'll probably still be looking for players then too ...


well, yuo are young..if your high school has a gym, like with weights and that stuff, get into...dont bench alot until your 15, or you'll mess ur back up for years to come. get in real good shape, work out year pushups, sit-ups, go running...all that. when in high school, hit a university ID camp, you will improve your skills as well as get your name out there to the university...they won't seriously take a look at you for the first year, but be patient, keep at it...and if you are good enough and work hard enough, you may be accepted into a university, where you just work ur @ss off, make urself known, and hope to hell you get drafted

ok when you say running what do you exactly mean cuz im a little confused.

he just means getting in shape.

Oh and speed kills. join your high school track team, it will help you a lot.
but for now, just play the game, enjoy it. Have fun with it, but don't take it too serious.

football kid, ive been playing football for 14 years now and i know the feeling, i also play linebacker and d-end on certain packages, i went to every camp and did all the grid iron work-outs at the gym, i was in your same shoes going into highschool, just play hard and do well and you will get noticed, i played minor football in nova scotia and got recruited by UofA so it can happen just stick to it! my best advice is stick to school, let football come later, if you dont get scouted, you can always be a walk on. good luck!

ya, basically join track and when in offseason, just go for like 5 km runs