Please help clarify something

I brought up the CFL on an NFL message board recently and a poster noted that a QB can complete a bounce pass to a WR in the CFL. I said 'there are no bounce passes in the CFL' and gave a list of actual differences between the games. Another poster said (in defense of the original poster's statement) that, as they understood the CFL, 'the WR is allowed to catch the ball on a bounce'.

Granted I haven't watched a CFL game in a while, but I am left scratching my head a bit. I am 99.99% sure that I'm correct here and these posters are just confused.

I did a quick search and didn't find anything but similar confusion on another board.

But before I go and say absolutely that no way are bounce passes allowed in the CFL, I figured someone could set me straight for sure here.

Thanks. :smiley: bounce passes.

Geoff, either they were pulling your chain or they know absolutely nothing about football and how it is played in Canada. And maybe the States for that matter!

LOL ... way too funny

a bounce pass is also known as…Incomplete Pass…and is often been a reason for challenge flags during this past season.

Thanks all!

I think these guys believed it was true, but hadn't actually watched CFL (hearsay). Based on the fact that there were two posters and I found another thread elsewhere with the same claim -- I think the 'CFL bounce pass' may even be an urban legend of sorts.

...I would tell them the ball is live even if it ricochetes off the walls or falls in the moat....but then again I am just plain evil....

Maybe they are talking about when the QB bounces the ball to the receiver behind the line of scrimmage. Its not really a pass, but thats what they might be referring to when they talk about a bounce pass.

What you need to tell these guys is that there is a little known rule, that if the QB can bounce the ball off the goal post for a completion, that the ball is dead at the point it's caught.

Just technical enough to get them to believe it.

Can you post a link to this forum?
I would love to read it.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to mention the convert after field goal and variable field width.

...and that after the coin flip the winning team can choose between having the wind or the downhill slope.....

Or just tell them that it plays like the NFL Street video game...juping off of walls, style points, the whole bit. Seriously though, if they really believe that bounce passes exist, that's really sad.

Here's the thread I started (on CBS SportsLine Detroit Lions forum):

And, here's the old thread I found after a quick Google search:

(Look for the comments by 'FlyingDuffman')

:lol: RedandWhite. Thanks for giving me the laugh. I bet you could probably find people down there who would believe you too.

They must of watched a game with Crandell!

red and white. our own Rick Mercer.

"congratulations Canada on reaching a Million People"

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