Thank You. I appreciate all of the feedback. If anyone else has anything, feel free to let me know. You can even email me at

Thanks Again!

It seems that a lot of you keep mentioning "Walk-Ups". Is this like finding out what time & where a team holds mini camps, then just showing up?

Yes we do no more than the agents, but just about as much as well.

Wally Bouno runs a couple of camps and has a very good record in accessing QB's abilities and transferring them into success. The link above gives an indication to two tryout locations in the US that are still available, the Portland camp is open and has produced some unexpected talent in the recent past. If you can capture Bouno's eye and his Head Scout Bob O'Billilovich, you can consider yourself well on the way to furthering your career. Best of luck.

Mini-Camps? lol.

Here is what you do John, you need to get to Cincinnati, Ohio.

9:30 am on Saturday May the 5th at:
Princeton High School
11080 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio

You will need 100$ Cash, Registration is 8-9 am.
Bring the appropriate Attire(shoes, T-shirt, shorts, water)
You have one day to impress.

This is for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, They are set for a starting QB but do need a Solid backup.

Currently there is Room at their Training camp for atleast one more QB, most likely two so you do have a chance.


The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club (member of Canadian Football League) will hold free agent open tryouts on the dates & locations listed below. Tryouts are open to all positions & all players who have completed their collegiate eligibility.

Schedule of Events
10:00 AM – Registration ($100 USD cash registration fee)
11:00 AM – Tryout (rain or shine)

Saturday, March 10, 2007 – (Dallas, Texas)
Southern Methodist U. – (SMU) Ford Stadium
5800 Ownby Drive, Dallas Texas – (field turf)

Sunday, March 11, 2007 – (Memphis, Tennessee)
University of Memphis – Practice Field
1115 Getwell Loop, Memphis, TN – (natural grass)

Sunday, April 15, 2007 – (Houston, Texas)
Rice University – Rice Stadium
6100 South Main Street, Houston, TX – (field turf)

Saturday, April 21, 2007 – (Atlanta, Georgia)
Clark Atlanta University – Panther Stadium
223 James P. Brawley Drive, Atlanta, GA – (artificial turf)

Saturday, May 5, 2007 – (Cincinnati, Ohio)
University of Cincinnati – Nippert Stadium
2624 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH – (field turf)

Saturday, May 12, 2007 – (Monroe, Louisiana)
Sterlington High School – Panther Stadium
233 Keystone Road, Monroe, LA (off Hwy 165) – (natural grass)

Testing includes 40-yard dash, short shuttle, standing broad jump and 3-cone drill. Skill evaluation includes: 1-on-1, and non-contact individual and group periods.

Items to Bring: Cleats…Tennis shoes…T-shirts…Workout Shorts…Sweats…Water…Registration Fee in cash.

For more information please contact:
Paul Jones, Director of Player Personnel, at Ph: (318) 387-6480, or
Daniel McKinnon, Manager, Football Administration, at (780) 448-1536

Click here for printable 2007 Free Agent Tryouts Schedule

If you are interested in trying out for the club, please provide a bio (including but not limited to age, size, weight, years of football, teams played, references, etc.) and film to:

Attn: Scouting
Edmonton Eskimo Football Club
9023 – 111 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5B 0C3

If you have questions regarding Eskimo tryouts or camps, please contact:

Daniel McKinnon
Manager, Football Administration/Canadian Scouting

Due to the high volume of requests we receive concerning football tryouts and camp information the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club does not return phone messages or emails with regards to this information. We encourage hopeful players to continue checking this page for updates.

Buono is definitely one of the best at finding "diamonds in the rough" - for example, he helped "discover" Jeff Garcia - but the BC Lions have more depth at QB than any other team in the League. For example, their third-stringer would almost definitely be a second-stringer, if not a starter, on any other team. In short ... don't be expecting to play for the Lions this year!

What PA college?..and what 4 years?

BC will be needing a QB prospect as they have put Jarius Jackson up for trade. There may be no takers, but the Lions will likely have a new 3rd-stringer, this season or next.

You could be 10ft tall, and throw 90 yards … But you’d still be the dumbest player in the league by a long shot. Who comes onto the CFL message board forums looking for advice on how to join the league from a bunch of dorks like us? Good luck superman!


Well you met the welcome wagon! Statik76 you see is a :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Bomber fan they are abit that say smelling to much kanola oil!

Normally, I wouldnt respond to someone like yourself. I know that the tiny percent of people like you in this world thrive on that.

However, I must admit, that this was one of the smartest things I have done. I have had my agent working on this, and I myself have been working on this, but I dont get the chance to see what teams need a QB. What teams are stacked and so on.
I figured come to the people that know the game, which actually worked. Of course I could have found open tryouts if I went to each site, but instead people helped me find them, and gave me information on which teams are actually looking, and which ones would be a waste of time.


Your name doesnt happen to be Akili Smith does it?

The following was gathered from a few Google and Yahoo searches:

Port, who finished the season ranked thirdin the nation in total offense and seventh in pass efficiency, was also honored by, as he was named Honorable Mention All-American at quarterback.

Port threw for a school and MAC record 3,799 yards while tossing 35 touchdown passes. He is the only quarterback to top the 3,000 yards passing plateau in a season, a feat he has accomplished the past two years. Port finished the year ranked third in the nation in total offense and seventh in the nation in pass efficiency. He also set school and conference records for completions in a season (271) and passing yards per game (345.4).

John Port threw a pair of touchdown passes in the final two minutes _ including the game-winner to Andy Sorice as time expired _ to give Albright a wild 29-27 comeback win over King's, Pa. on Saturday.

Albright (3-0, 2-0 Middle Atlantic Conference) was able to overcome a huge game by the Monarchs' John Ortiz, who had 267 yards and two scores on 59 carries.

Port gave Albright a 23-20 lead with 1:54 to go when he threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to Nick Brightbill, but it took King's (1-3, 1-2) less than a minute to regain the lead as Chris Barnic threw a 47-yard touchdown pass to Blake Letchford to make it 27-23.

Albright got the ball back with 1:02 left and Port went to work, leading the Lions 66 yards in eight plays and hooking up with Sorice for the game-winning score.

Port finished 24-for-41 for 319 yards and three scores. He also threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to Bryon Haupt in the third quarter.

Barnic was 14-for-28 for 187 yards and threw for two scores.

King's held an 18-0 lead at halftime, but Albright pulled close with a pair of touchdowns and a field goal from Tom Fitzpatrick and finally took over the game in the last two minutes.

If asking the idiots on the CFL forums on how to contact a CFL franchise is one of the smartest things you've done .. I'm blown away - You are dumber than I originally thought.

OK - Whoaa .. Wait a second here.. There are two of you working on this?? And all you guys came up with was to query the league message board? I gotta be honest with ya - I can't say much for your agent either. Thats pretty stupid.


Trust that instinct. There are only so many minutes in the day.

And from my brief experience here, StatiK76 calling anyone dumb is the equivalent of Danny Devito calling someone short. You're right to not sweat it.

CRFadmin, are you his agent? or his boyfriend?

Curious .. Then, are you suggesting that the CFL public message board forums IS a good place for prospective players to request information on how to join a team? Since all the dweebs here - OBVIOUSLY played in the CFL, and have a great deal of experience in joining professional sports teams ... Brilliant advice - "contact the team" .. gee whiz, who'd have thunk it?


Dont worry about him…He will be crabby till the No Fun League starts up again

Neither. Now that he's named himself...I still don't know who the hell he is. :wink:

It's not the method I would suggest, but if it works for him, meh...what do I care? No reason for me to be a jerk to him, but of course, people like you don't need to a reason. It's probably just more of a reflex.

I would like to thank everyone on here. Whether some people believe it, or not. This has been a huge help.

John I applaud you efforts in doing for yourself. Getting noticed by the right people is often just good luck and perfect timing.

There is alto of knowledgeable people here when it comes to CFL team and there strengths and weaknesses. Doing ones homework is never a bad idea depsite the ramblings of a certain idiot. I wish all the best John Port.