Please have Canadian pride without alinating the US fans

I am seeing some people saying they dont want American products in canada. I understand if people dont want the Bills to come there and eventually crash the CFL out of existence. But because the prospect of the Bills coming people are taking out on all things American including fans. Its not the US fans of the CFL thats doing this. Just cant understand how people want nothing American but the league is full of Americans.

Don't get too worked up about it. A few folks here just get a little worked up now and then and post regrettable comments which do not represent the opinions of the general CFL fan base. Sorry if it lessens your enjoyment of the forum.

Don't read too much into what you read on this site cfl fan in us, or any site for that matter. Those same Canadians that say "keep all US products and services out of Canada" are probably the first ones to have some of these products in their own houses and buy fresh fruit and vegetables from the US when none from Canada can be found or found at a cheap price.

Most CFL fans do not need to bash another league to feel better about their own, it shows insecurity on their part when they do.

As far as I'm concerned you can never have enough fans from all over the world, it's great exposure to see people outside of Canada take interest in the CFL.

No worries, don't let the words of a few make you beleive thats how we all feel. I'm a proud Canadian and CFL fan and am glad to know there are many fans living in the U.S. that enjoy the CFL as well. Cheers!!

Ditto for me. I can see where you're coming from though. I think sometimes people don't really think of the ramifications of what they write when they make broad, generalized statements. They probably (hopefully) don't indend the spin-off effects (like how are US fans going to take what was meant to be an expression of dislike of the NFL or the NFL's tactics, not its fans).

You should see the way most of you guys talk about the CFL lol

... wouldn't generalize too much. Too many Canadians don't exactly give it the respect it deserves either ...

Obviously there are a few who write before thinking things through. Too often the bellicose minority makes the rest of the group look stupid.

You have to wonder if they realize where their Mac/Windows operating systems are developed when they are swearing off American products.

If telling America to go screw themselves is what it takes to rally the troops....then so be it... I for one know tons of Americans who hate their own country so much they might actually start following the CFL ... Go up to Alaska....that entire state hates the USA!!!
Sure we may lose a few fans from the states.....but with the Canadian inferority complex being what it is.... Canadians seem to respond to this kind of retoric... Look at our most popular PM.... He always fingered his nose at the USA....
Instead of the CFL slogan being "Our League" it should be...."CFL.... Our balls are bigger so screw you America!!!! "

There are many things that make me proud of my country. Blin, you’re not one of them.

What does that suppose to mean....You do realize that the whole "our league" is in essence an polite antiAmerican video.... Why else do they feel it necessary to mention that the field is 65 yards wide..110 yards long..etc.. These are all comparisions with NFL football.
It is so ingrained in our culture to compare ourselves with Americans that we don't even notice it after awhile.. Our Canadian identity truely is "We are Americans but.... we have healthcare.. We are Americans but.... we don't have guns.... We are Americans but we say Zed and not Zee.. We are Americans but We like the beaver and not the bald eagle.... "
Geez I almost sound like that Molson ad from a few years ago with "Joe Canadian"
If it takes that kind of retoric to get Canadians excited about the CFL then I'm all for it.... Molson has done it with rave reviews for years..... and they still have commercials with dumb Americans being led to the gallows.
Heck ....the only reason Rick Mercer has a job is because of this kind of retoric...
The CFL should do an ad like "Talking to Americans" where we go down to Kansas and tell Americans at a Chiefs game that we use footballs made of snow up in Canada.... I'm sure Canadians would laugh their asses off when you replayed only the responses from people stupid enough to believe this..... Then we could all sit back laugh and say.... "those stupid Americans"
Comeon.... You all know you do it..../

Showing that "A" is different from "B" is not Anti-B

I'm an American living in suburban Philadelphia, who went to college in Buffalo, New York and lived there for twelve years. Because of my upbringing, I am a fan of the NFL first; but having watched the CFL for the time I lived in Buffalo, NY, I came to enjoy the game, especially how much fun it was to watch.
I think that all Canadians should have pride in their country and in their football league, because both are truly wonderful. Having said that, I just don't think this pride should be at the expense of another group of people, because in my opinion this is wrong. I fully acknowledge that some Americans feel the world revolves around the USA, and that attitude is wrong too. Some of us are truly ignorant to the way things are in other countries, and how they aren't exactly like they are in the USA. Hopefully that only involves a small segment of the US population, and doesn't reflect on the larger majority that does get it, and realizes what a terrific neighbor we have in Canada.
My only problem with the CFL this year is really a personal one, and that is we aren't getting any games in the Philadelphia area this year, and frankly I miss it alot. We used to get the game on CBC rebroadcast on Sunday afternoon, so at least I got to see one game a week, which is not enough, but at least it was some great action. My observation about that is when TSN signed on as the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL, they were so intent on having the exclusive rights, they may not have looked carefully enough at the entire picture. Even though it was said that changes may happen during the year, I'm not holding my breath and expecting things to get better this year. Next year they probably will. I'm not expecting to see every game each week like you do in Canada, but one game a week would be fine, two games a week and I'd feel like I was in fat city. If anyone knows if any changes are on the horizon, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

I understand what your saying completely but I also welcome the few and far between American CFL fans and if I could Id buy them each a Canadian beer.

Oh definately.... but if we alienate a few of them in the process of solidifing the leagues presence then so be it...
This Toronto Bills BS truely is a culture war and if the collateral damage has to be a few Americans who enjoy the CFL then that is sad....but if it means we win the war....then that's the way it has to be......

I need say no more.

Cant see how it helps how some CFL fans do welcome fans from the US. With a ticked sales driven league I think no one should be negative to the fan because they live in the US. Its people right to do it but I dont understand. Would it help if I said I plan on attending the games live.

First off the problem is not American or anything to do with the Bills. For them to come to TO that really is not a threat. The league is the oldest in North America and has survived many times. The point is the CFL broadcaster went to sell rights to USA networks and they did not want to pay the price. So that is why the product is not being shown in the US. Contact TSN and broadcasters in the USA with your concerns. It is sad because there are more USA viewers that people like to admit. I have family and many friends in the USA and they too are upset.

Bigots exist everywhere, and as some in this forum have demonstrated, even in Canada.

Fuelling the flames of bigotry by saying things like "the [CFL] is full of Americans" doesn't help. Especially since that is a gross overstatement.

If you want to be taken seriously, on both sides of the border, you don't generalize about people from another country; you don't publish an offensive screed in a public forum; you don't demean and attempt to hijack another country's sport by claiming your country owns it; you don't call people names and make ridiculous presumptions about what other people think; you develop a thick skin and don't take bigots seriously, because they NEVER speak for the majority.