Please God...keep DD healthy...

Holy crapsticks.

Dickenson looked awesome on Friday night. I know I'm asking for wayyyyyy too much...but if he can go 18 games with only a few bumps and bruises...he's going to SHATTER some records and lead the Lions to the Cup.

Only if the Leos can get their running happen. Currently, they have no running game at all. They couldn't do anything on the ground against Saskatchewan. I don't care what Saskatchewan's record was like last year either, their team has changed alot, just like the Leos have, and any way you look at it, the Leos have nothing insofar as a running game is concerned, and without that, they will not make the cup, and I would hazard a guess, may not make the playoffs.

You can't be a championship team without a running game...especially if Dicky gets hurt. If we want a chance at winning the cup this year, we need to be able to do it with or without Dicky. If he is the only reason we win...what do we need anybody else for?

One game is too early to tell if the Lions are going to be completely without a running game, but I saw no evidence of it either in the opener. The thing that concerned me most in the game was kick-off return coverage. Now that was scary. If they give the opposition mid-field after the majority of kick-offs, trouble is in the offing.

I liked what I saw on the O line though. DD had good protection, and I hope that continues throughout the season. If so, he'll likely put up good stats, unless, of course, the Leos have no running game and the defenses only have to defend the pass.

But, if DD goes down to injury, I don't think Pierce or Jackson will be able to get the job done.

I sincerely doubt the Lions will bumble to an 11-0 start this year — I just hope they have a steady year without stumbling down the stretch. The loss of Clermont will hurt though, and I'll miss him in the lineup, because I just love how that guy plays.

With the Riders having the reputation of an attacking defence, the Lions O line did a pretty good job of giving DD time to throw and the only time the Riders seem to get to DD was when they were offside. Hopefully the O line keeps it up. It will make for a record breaking year for DD if Wally allows him to play the whole game but I understand the reasoning behind pulling him.

I too hope that DD and the O-line keep playing the way they did last Friday.However, as with every other year, once the opposition figures out the Leo offense, the Leo's are going to be screwed if they can't mix it up with some running plays.

Lets hope Chapedelaine doesn't become predictable like last year!

one game...and we need to keep things calm...the oil needs to get set and in a few games we will see the team that will play the rest of the year!!!