If you know football and of course there are alot of you who know football, you know money talks and BS walks! When a team was as bad as we were the past two seasons a cleaning of the house is needed to rebuild and start again!If you keep staring at the same people who gave reasons for messing up over and over again you will get nowhere! I trust the ticat brass knows what they are doing and they will make you look silly for dissing him! Desjardins prove them wrong!

I agree. Our team was horrible last year. Changes are necessary. Desjardins knows football, and is building a championship team (instead of keeping nice guys with potential who don't win football games).

Let the changes continue.

ill tell you i like the guy, if training camp is full of all stars, if we dont sign ne big names during free agency, hes retarted!, we must have enough money to bring in 2 ricky williams' by now. lets hope he has sumthin up his sleeve to help us ticat fans figure him out@@@!!! as of right now, i c him as a guy dumping quality players 2 save bob money.

whats going on man talk to us!!

I could probably find someone that can score a combined 8 TD's over 2 seasons. DJ is over rated!!!!!

b.s he is not. clearly u dont know what ur talking about.

To answer the title.....


Overrated my hind end!! All I see on this site is that the hope is landing Thelwell in the free agency.
no.passes yds. avg. lg. td league std.

DJ- 52 693 13.3 48 2 15 th
Thelwell 53 625 11.8 30 4 20 th

In an off year for the offense not one soul did as well as they did the previous year. Becareful what you wish for fans!!!

All due respect to DJ ,Dj wasnt getting it done and it doesnt hurt getting new blood in here!

true but c'mon, u seen when danny mac threw the deep ball dj would always be productive, jason mass threw 7 yard out plays to the ground if we had say buck peirce of dave dickenson last year dj would have had over 1.000 yards

It's not that DJ didn't produce, (he's and excellent WR) He probably just doesn't fit what Taaffe and Desjardins are building here.

0 & 4 -- and there,s the DOOR!!!!

I agree...give the guy a break. He's got a plan and he's sticking to it. There shouldn't be any surprises coming from our GM. He's basically doing what he said he was going to do and that is reshape this football organization. I'm excited about the new players that they'll be bringing in. New stars. After all, it can't get any worse than last year...that's a guarantee!

Actually- I don't think Mr. Desjardins needs either our permission or sympathy. Nor does he need a break from us.

He's doing his job. We're fans. Sometimes the two align nicely... sometimes not.

I really hope that you do well Marcel. Like most fans, I'll be watching carefully.

Thus far, I'm 100% behind Dejardins. The loss of Flick may hurt, but WRs are a dime a dozen and since Flick was going anyway, the matter becomes redundant.

Lets not bad mouth the new GM until we see this new team play some football. He along with the new Ticat coaching staff are light years ahead of any of any of us with their knowledge of the game, so lets give these people a chance to produce.

I will be satisfied with 7 wins this season from a team who shows potential for the future. Making the playoffs would be a bonus.