Please get rid of NML NOW!

Please, I beg to the powers that be.

Please release NML asap!

This guy has done nothing for us. Even last year with his sack totat, he wasn't dominant at all. He got a lot of garbage sacks!

He has 2 moves. A spin to the inside and a spin to the outside. Then he normally falls down. He hasn't even been close to the QB the last 4 games.

He was a back up in BC and I can see now why they didn't resign him.

Please Obie, give him his walking or trade papers now!

I second that :thdn: if you were a Yank you would be gone!

I agree.

He's junk.

Totally agree
I havn't heard his name on a tackle in about a year!!

I think Losher has been hurt most of the year.I,too,have been watching his play closely. There seem to be many blitz schemes where the linebacker goes for the quarterback and the defensive end on that side picks up the back out of the backfield.Losher has been slow in these coverages.If he has been hurt than God love him for the effort but if he has been healthy then I agree that maybe it's time to move on.
In the BC game it was quite clear that our talent level on defence is nowhere near the Lions.We don't have one player that needs to be double-teamed on either side of the ball.If Tony Miles was our big free agent signing last year,then perhaps it will take us a whole lot longer to get back to respectibility. It looks like there are no quick fixes so lets be patient with the young guys and replace the old guys who are not performing.It is time to look at Bekasiak and Rempel at offensive tackle and Siskowic at middle linebacker.These last few games should all be about the young player development because I'd like to see us contend before I die.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile:

I have to add to this remark in that...I, too, would like to see this team contend before I die.....and I'm not an old guy in any section...just a middle aged guy growing tired of losses.

You have to suspect that NML is injured somehow. Why else would this team have kept him around?

Tigertown: home to underachieving, injury riddled superstars. Hi NML, Casey and Jessie!

That's a fairly easy answer - NO ONE IN THE FRONT OFFICE HAS A FRICKING CLUE HOW TO ACCESS PLAYER TALENT. On any other team NML would be gondie.......................... Canadian or not this guy has no talent what so ever.

Easy to say get rid of him but then they need to have a better replacement. OB has come up with zero replacements so McKay-Loescher stays by default. Do you see a pattern here?

An Argo-Cat fan

He is a solid rotation non-Import.
He would be picked up in a second by any team in the CFL if we cut him loose.
Is he
Should he be a starter...probably not
Is he servicable and Canadian...yes!