Please FIRE Ritchie HALL

Why he did not challenge that INT by GOSS that was very close

IN fact Ritchie wake up, do you even coach? Do you know how to coach? What are challenge flags for Ritchie?

How he could not challenge that play is beyond me and should clearly demonstrate that Hall has no clue how to win the close games in teh CFL--

It is proven already, he is a bigtime choker, he does not coach and loses every possible close game--

We could hire anyone to just stand there and do nothing and not coach--

Give me a break RITCHIE HALL< WAKE UP AND JUST QUIT, you are not head coach material.

Why does he stand there motioneless??

Is he alive? WHy is he not thinking?

This franchise is going down fast--

Get Hall out of town, I am telling everyone he is a born loser, has no idea how to coach--

That was an INT and he doesnet even challenge--

Maybe you can wipe your nose with the flags HALL?

I mean that was clearly close enough to challenge--

Someone needs to wake Hall up -- He has to wake up

he is getting outcoached in every game this season--=

Ritchie better have a great explanation why he didnt want to challenge a sure good play that would have been at least 50% chance to give Edmonton the ball back--

WAKE UP YOU RITCHIE- Please wake up

This might be the best 3 qtr team in the CFL--

After that I am not sure why Hall just does not just quit--

As a head coach that is your JOB to challenge plays--

That was a clear situation where the coach should know that the play was so close enough to challenge----

But instead he decides to just stand there and do nothing???

Ritchie already lost the game at Hamilton by not going for it on 3rd and 1and punting instead and hamilton wins the game with a last second TD----

This clown needs to wake up fast.

I honestly can't say if I want Edmonton to fire Hall just yet... I don't want to become that team that's constantly firing coaches. That said, I am losing patience with him. This team isn't showing any progress. Even when Ricky Ray went 16 of 16 in the first half... how'd we follow that up? Fumble by Whitlock (which cost us 7 points), couple key drops by Mann and Stamps, no challenge on the Goss INT. The entire team fell apart.

Regarding the challenge, I have to wonder what the hell Hall was thinking. The announcers were saying he was about to challenge the spot of the ball on the Boreham fake, but then thought better of it. Then when Goss gets a pick a couple plays later, he doesn't challenge? Why the hell not? Hall definitely dropped the ball on that one.

Patience is running short... this team better make a huge turnaround in the last 7 games. If it's another fourth place finish for Edmonton, things could get quite ugly... :?

Game is over---

They will have thier usual no pass rush--

and malveaxu and KEYES will get burned badly here

Jim DALEY call somethign that gets pressure--

Dont just let your bad dbs get burned---

WOW where the hell is the safety?????

How are we in man to man on fantuz deep?

THey are giong endzone here--

WHy is HILL covering FaNTUZ?

Okay daley this is gotta be an end zone throw now---

Get in the right Defense----

dont have KEYES or Malveaux completely turned around, most likely a CoRNER coming--

Durant will try a Corner deep for the TD.

Ritchie you prove you are not a head coach in this league, why are you standing with your arms crossed on the sidleines--
You show no emotion--

You dont know what is going on on the field--

You dont know what to challenge--

You dont know how to rally your team, when the momentum is going against you--

You are just plain and simple not a head coach, you are a D coordinator--

Please resign and let someone else coach this team who knows what is going on during teh game.

Well, like I said in the game topic, we somehow managed to steal this game, but I don't like it. You know, if we'd continued playing like we had in the first half, I'd be happy with this win... but we completely fell apart (as I mentioned in my above post).

We won the game because Morgan frakked up his coverage on Mann... Not a good win. This team better show real progress next week.

Would you rather have Mike Kelly from Winnipeg? I bet Winnipeg would jump at that opportunity. Guys, you won....Coach Hall is a step up from what you had the last two years.

I dont know much about coach Hall's pre game preparation, he may be good with the players----

But during the game seriously was he waving to the SASK crowd or in a a trance?

IN a pro league you cant make errors that he makes, I honestly think 99 out of 100 coaches make that challenge call on the GOSS INT, and I guess Ritchie is the 1 out of 100 that would not--

I just cannot believe that Hall wants to be a COACH but wants to stand on the sidelines with his arms crossed doing nothing--

I mean yeah the coaches have sucked in the past, but HALL is no different, they got very lucky to win today for sure as it seems Durant cannot do well vs EDM for some reason and RAY owns SASKATCHEWAN-- He really dominates SASK---

I still can't believe how poor his decisions are, I think he probably was dreaming about his days in SASK and wasnt watching the GOSS INT, as was the refs who obviously miss the call also----

Hall seriously is not good coach and the Edmonton demise and close losses are all on his shoulders.

Would John Huffnagel challenge that call? How about Bellfeuillle? Buono?? I just cannot believe how bad Ritchie HALL is--

Words dont do justice to how poor this guy is as a coach--

Edmonton season is over, when your coach decided to stand on the sidelines and cross his arms and look pretty for the cameras your team is DONE--

All other coaches look animated and into the game, except for HALL, he has the body language that he does not belong as a COACH, and is defintely coaching exactly like that---

I think your HEAD COACH IS KEVIN STRASSER- He is the brains behind the offense and might as well make him the COACH of this team--


I know it probably sounds a little ridiculous, Edmonton fans complaining about a game we won... but I'd rather win a game because we deserved to rather than because Omarr Morgan had a brain lapse.

This team fell apart (again) in the second half. Fumbles, dropped passes... When are we going to see real progress? Anytime this team shows any sort of improvement, they start to regress soon after. It's like they're thinking, "Oh, no, we're over-achieving, we better fall apart."

The non-challenge is just unacceptable. How was he prepared to challenge the spot of the ball on the Boreham fake, but he wasn't willing to challenge the Goss INT? That makes absolutely no sense. I'd love to hear his response to that...

Like I said earlier, I'm not at the point where I want him gone yet, but my patience is wearing a bit thin... I'm tired of finishing fourth. And I won't consider third place an improvement.

Well that makes for one hell of a return game on Saturday.
I read how yesterday there were already 46,000+ seats sold and it is possible 60,000+ will attend and the tarps will come off.

I agree there is no exuse for HALL not challenging that play. The only thing I can see is that he was in AWE of playing vs SASK and maybe got carried in the emotion of the game and was actually going for Sask to win the game.

I see no other reason why he didnt? He didnt even have the FLAG out in his hand debating on whether to challenge it--

He clearly was not even prepared to challenge the Boreham SPOT and the GOSS INT, which makes me wonder WHY?

Was he feeling sentimental and trying to give SASK the win?

Was Hall betting on teh game?

Or was he just plain and simple that dumb?

I dont know but this is a major cause for concern for me. The Defense played good enough today, they didnt get beat DEEP and they played HARD and really tried to support the offense---

So everyone did their part except for HALL- The GOSS INT was a INT, he made a spectacular CATCH, and HALL is standing there doing nothing with his arms crossed---

He should apoligize to the fans and to the city for his disgusting performance.

Hall must have served up the best Hot Buttered Popcorn at halftime, what the heck Happened to our Receivers , if this is any indication on how they perform in cold weather ,we are in serious trouble , By the way our D still sucks , I can forgive Whitlock for the Fumble cause besides that he actually played well . Ray was on fire but seemed to lose it after the Fumble we are a Fragile team right now . On the Bright side we did win in a tough stadium . Refs were average .


Richie Hall is not perfect. He is learning to be a head coach and he will be a great one!

Yes he probably, should have challenged the interception in the end zone. None of us has any idea why he didn't. Maybe his players or spotters told him that it wasn't an interception.

As to why the receivers got the dropsies in the second half, you can hardly blame the head coach. And I rather doubt that Jason Tucker was sending in that particular instruction. Ricky Ray was awesome through the whole game. Just imagine his stats if the receivers had caught the balls that went into, off of, and through their hands

I repeat GET OVER IT. It all worked out as it should have in the end; and the superior team (on this day) came away with the win.

Belly ache, Belly ache. Cant we for once be happy that we won, mind you on the road, in SASK who was considered a hot team. Give me a break.
Tie for 1st Place and playing for 1st place on Saturday. I like our position. I think the team is coming around.
I will be there yelling and screaming with the rest of the expected 40,000 plus....
Go Esks!!!

So I guess you guys would rather bury your heads in the sand then? Just because we won doesn't mean this team doesn't have problems. We still have a lot of problems, and a win isn't going to make me ignore them. That's not how a team improves... but maybe that attitude is why Edmonton has become the permanent cellar dwellers in the West for the last three years. Yes, we won, and we're in a threeway tie for first, but we're not going to pull ahead if we keep thinking, "Hey, we won, so let's just be happy with that." Talk about complacency. In case you guys missed the game today, we barely won. We won only because Morgan screwed up.

I'll be happy when this team learns to play a full 60 minutes. I'll be happy when this team's defence starts playing like a real defence. I'll be happy when this team finally finishes above third place.

Chief-- All the things you are talking about comes with a good head coach not a guy like KEN MILLER who is completely lost also--

The coaches JOB is to motivate the team in big games, and so far Ritchie Hall has not done that at all. Esks got lucky vs CGY in game 1 and then lost easily the next 2 games--

The thing that is so funny is that I dont know if Ritchie hall has told his Defense that a QB can actually run and fake a handoff, this play works on the Edmonton defense so easily--

Burris ran that play about 80 times in the 3 games, and not ONCE did a defensive player account for him?

Edmonton is basically playing with NO COACH- They have an offensive coordinator and a Defensive coordinator but they have NO HEAD COACH. HALL is done, he is finished and has no business being a coach in this league---

Watch Huffnagel and a BUONO to look at a coach's emotions on the sidelines. If I dont know any better it seems that HALL is completely lost and is half asleep on the sidelines. How come he does not have a CHART IN HIS HAND like HUffnagel does?

IS hall charting and writing down any notes? NO of course not, how come HALL's hands are in his pockets?

The answers are simple, this is a D coordinator and not a COACH--

MARK THESE WORDS-- THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS GUY WILL WIN ANY CLOSE GAMES IN PLAYOFFS-- Because late in the game he will make the wrong decision and punt or do something really stupid--
He is being saved by STRASSER and his offensive genius---

He still has no replaced Malveaux who is wild and not good in the secondary, KEYES also sucks, he gets completely turned around in the secondary--

I know Guys like Ritchie Hall, he is a nice GUY, and no HEAD COACH- You need an intense guy like Huffnagel or Buono---

Even Bellfeiulle is good in hamilton. You watch hamilton coach bellfeuille at the end of games he is talking to Greg Marshalll and the 2 of them are deciding to go for it late in the game on 3rd and 1 to win the game----

bellfeuille looks animated and ALIVE and aware of what is going on---

If I didnt know better perhaps RITCHIE is on teh SAUCE? He could have been hammered with the way he disgracefully coached today- Basically the ESKS have no COACH cause HALL does not do what a coach should DO.