Please find a free safety

At the risk of offending the Sandy Beveridge fan club can the Ticats please fill the gaping hole at safety on the defense, PLEASE? He is terrible. Your safety needs to be a playmaker like an Al Brenner, a Paul Bennett . or a Rob HitchCock. Sandy is only good for special teams, blowing coverages, and being the focal point for other teams to attack. BRUTAL.

I agree. Put Barker in to learn asap.

On the first TD, he wasn’t even in the picture. He’s supposed to be the one who is the last line of defense.

While your at it find someone that can play Tisdales spot.
He's just a spectator with a better view of the game

Yes, not impressed with Beveridge and Tisdale in the first half.

I would really like to see Bradley out there.

Good effort by the defense, but Sandy has to sit down. He lines up so deep on every play that his run support is a joke. That would be Ok if he could read the play well enough to break up some pass plays but he is consistently out of position or just beaten by the receivers. Boulay is Montreal's back-up safety and he looks 10X better than Beveridge. How bad is Dylan Barker if he can't beat this pylon out for playing time?

He doesn't seem to be that strong for a safety either, as most times he's dragged by the one he's trying to tackle.

With all respect to Sandy...he is a career special teamer.

He has been a back-up on several brutal teams over the last few years and all of a sudden now...he's good enough to start???

Beverage is doing ok , al,s couldnt pass deep all game, Defence as a whole kept thetop team to 21 points, the offence needs to convert td,s!!

Yeah, no kidding. You guys held the Als to two TDs and forced a pick. That's pretty damn good. If the offense had produced, you guys might have won.

The first TD was over the top with the reciever behind everyone.

Sure, but after that there was nothing deep available. Coverage was pretty tight. I know that doesn't excuse Beveridge blowing the coverage, but that will happen to a safety on occasion.

The thing is, he gets beaten far too often. He is a liability in the secondary.

That sums it up, right there.

Tisdale has the hardest job on The Field Covering the Slots guys
Normal a Teams go to go Guy.. Give the kid a Break he doing okay
The Ticats Where Playing Man to Man a Big Mistake vs Montreal
They have too many Weapons for that
You have to play Zone Limte the Catches and make the Tackle

Defence Played Well

I do want to see Barker back there Soon

Hmmmm... not so sure the deep ball is the only indication of how the safety plays. Montreal made a lot of yardage in the middle over the LB but under the coverage. That is the safety's area and receivers should be afraid to go in there. Sandy made no big hits and was out of position most of the night. I think his confidence might be low because he seems uncomfortable out there to me. He needs to ramp up his game fast. Might be time to see what Barker can do.