Please explain how BC is representing the East for GC?

I dont pay much attention to CFL, and I just saw how the Lions are representing the East in GC. How the heck does that happen when there is 4 teams in the East & West?

uh no..

where'd you get that from?

they're in the Eastern Final vs Montreal next week..

OK, then how is BC playing against Monteral next week for the easter div?

because they qualified as the crossover position, because they had a higher point total than Winnipeg at the end of the season. then they defeated Hamilton today in the semi-final.

the fourth place team in the west had more points then the third place team in the east. so they got the “cross over” spot. its to make sure the cfl playoffs stay competitive. i hope you keep posting here and learning about the game. and seeing how much we tolerate each other as fans.

Thanks all for the answers.

does it bother you, or do you think its a good idea? im curious what someone who doesnt really follow the cfl thinx about the crossover.