Please end the CBC's monopoly on CFL play-off games

Is it just me or does anyone else want TSN to cover the CFL playoffs and Grey Cup instead of the CBC. I hate CBC's production of CFL games ! :thdn:

not TSN, but CTV!...that way we get tsn quality broadcasts, but with the same national audience as on CBC.

Can you imagine Walby in the broadcast booth of the GC game if the Bombers are there? He will be jumping up and down so much, that part of Canad-Inns stadium could collapse....

I still prefer CBC

i also vote cbc over tsn

I cant stand the CBCs sports coverage in general they can never seem to follow the play and when they do they inexplicably are talking about something other than the game on the field. These guys get paid to sit on their rears, watch the game and talk about the game being played but they cant seem to pull this off.

I am still irked by that time the CBC was covering an als/riders game and hte riders were moving the ball and got to around the als 15 yard line and at that point the CBC anouncers decided to talk about how wonderful jason french is so the cameras focused on him but the next play had already started it was a trick play and burris took the ball and ran for like 12 yards while the anouncers were still praising frnech who was not involved at all in the play and the cameras were still on him.

Or once during hockey night in canada during a leafs/habs game (aside from the horrible bias and getting every habs players name wrong) they decided theyd have a discussion with some diver that had been at the game while the game was going and no one said anything.

In summary the CFL can find loads of people that can show up and not watch and talk about hte game but only TSN seems to have announcers that would do both those things

I've been hating the CFL coverage all season. I'm hoping that CTV picks up the post-season games from now on!

I prefer TSN’s cfl coverage for w.e reason.

How about this, no high-def in the east? What's up with CBC anyway?

CBC snubs East

Toronto Argonauts president Keith Pelley is surprised and dismayed by the CBC's decision to limit its high-definition telecasts of the Canadian Football League postseason to games in the West.

Trevor Pilling, the executive producer for football, said yesterday that logistical complications have forced the CBC to shoot the East semi-final (in Toronto on Sunday) and East final in standard definition.

"That's amazing," said Pelley, the former TSN president, who heads the CFL's broadcast committee. "I'm very surprised. In terms of the way the sports TV industry has evolved, I believe very strongly that all the postseason games should be in HDTV. It's the best way to showcase the game."

The Grey Cup game will be shot in HDTV. As well, the CBC is bringing back the cablecam for the Cup telecast. That's the camera unit that runs along a cable grid above the playing field."

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Well who wants to watch a 12-10 or 11-8 game in Toronto in high def? Maybe thats why they are focusing on the West...

I'll take the CBC Cameras and producers in the truck.

I'll take Cuthbert and Suitor any day over Mark Lee and Walby any day.

CTV abandoned the CFL 20 or 25 years ago--I don't recall exactly when-- so screw them...

I think a combined coverage of the Grey Cup game might be a good thing. CTV and CBC used to share the broadcast of the Cup (before CTV abandoned the CFL)

CBC does need to upgrade their on camera personel (Walby must go!), but their camera crews and technicians are as good or better than TSN's.
Both broadcasters need to get better in all areas though.
Production values aren't as good, relative to the technology, as they were 30 years ago.

One of the things that fools people into thinking the NFL is such superior football, is the state of the art production. It just looks prettier!

You are dealing with so much money that American networks have available and of course the stadiums also allow for that bigger production look. But hey, we don't do too bad here for the resources we have, not that we can't provide constructive critisicm as we do, that is just fine to do.

Ron Lancaster should be a top priortiy to sign
with CBC

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I agree, then Walby could go do a kids show and maybe LEARN the english language there.

you guys that keep complaining about game coverage and this person or that, are just nitpicking. When all is said and done, there is no more wrong with either network or any of the crews than there is with any of the rest of us imperfect people. Try doing the job before complaining.

Are people not allowed an opinion??

Well said...the announcers aren't perfect but if I didn't want to hear them I would turn down the volume and watch the game and be thankful that I could.

Party pooper

sure..if you could say that you think Hitler was just a misunderstood genius or that Bin laden is just a scapegoat, or any other completely offbase opinion, just as other like me can give our opinion of your opinion :thup: