Please Don't Let It Be Chappy!

So with nothing official naming Benevides as the next Lions' head coach, whom might it be if he doesn't get the job?

....And I suppose this is a victory for the people criticizing Wally for not wearing a headset earlier in the season. We can be pretty sure whomever gets the job will wear a headset. (Oh yeah, Wally just won his fifth without it)

tsn reported on air it’ll be Benevides.

Replacing a legend with that same legend just down the hall with his hand still in it.

History does not shine favorably on this type of situation. Tough act to follow with no way to improve on last year.

Well, Wally himself has said Benevides will be a candidate but he is also interviewing for other HC openings in the league. I don't think "Chappy's" name has popped-up at all as a candidate. Dave Dickenson is another candidate that could end up with one of several teams. Sounds like Wally wants to make a quick decision though.

I think Wally Buono made a great decision to concentrate on being the Lions GM and VP of Football Operations. He certainly deserves the accolades he's currently getting. I do have one question that's been bothering me... Why is it that Mike Benevides seemed to "automatically" get the HC job in BC instead of Jacques Chapdelaine? Is Benevides that much better? Benevides is known to have a bad temper, so I don't know if that will be a detrimental thing. Am I missing out on something? What will Chapdelaine do now? Will he stay in BC as OC? :?

Not sure what you mean by Benevides temper issue. You have an example?

Sort of similar to the situation Greg Marshall found himself in last season, isn't it Flag? Miller still there overseeing things like Wally will be this coming season. Miller may not qualify as a "legend", but still. . . eerily similar.

yup it is.

it worked for murphy and riley :thup:

I hope it IS Chappy

of course you do.

Here`s hoping that Wally does not have a close relationship to Bart A...