Please don’t go, Sara

That is the official anthem. I said unofficial

Actually it’s a song used for a lot of veterans tributes.
Royal Marines

I can’t find the exact video to the Medan of Honor Green Beret but the son of one used to play it for me.
Both are great songs.

Here is the one he showed me….

Any time I've seen Knopfler play it was a Strat.

I've always found Gibsons to be overrated. Don't get me wrong, they're great, but they aren't better enough to justify the price jump. My buddy had a Les Paul gold top, and his Epiphone Dot had tighter joints and better sustain for literally 1/3 the price.

I have a Slash LP (complete with his signature on the backs of the Duncan alnico-2 pickups) and an SG. They gather a fair amount of dust. Whereas my USA Strat and my Ibanez RG with a Duncan JB/Jazz combo get the paint worn off them.

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Gretsch’s are nice too. Wide body sound

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There are lots of good guitars of course. I even have a great book on them I often refer to. What I like about a Gibson is the range of sound. I have never heard another guitar match it. Now you probably need someone like Knopfler to get the best out of it and it won’t matter that much for most songs/musicians.

I’ve seen Knopfler live in an arena with Dire Straits, but the last time I saw him was much more impressive. It was circa 2008 and he played in Winnipeg’s Burton Cummings (formerly Walker) theater that seats about 2500 and has excellent acoustics. He literally had 15 guitars at the back of the stage and he used every one of them. We were in the fourth row and he chuckled when a bunch of us gave him the Wayne’s World we are not worthy bow.


I wonder if each one had a different tuning.

I bought the Montserrat DVD right after it came out. Back then there was no you tube.
I just checked and found Brothers in Arms easily (still not used to that). The link is below. The concert was recorded in seemingly timeless DTS and my DVD is the best sounding DVD I ever bought. I don’t think you’ll get the same sound from you tube unless you know how to do that, but you’ll get the idea.

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That’s quite an All Star lineup. Even ole “Blue Suede Shoes” Carl Perkins.

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That was too hard to tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Whatever guitar he reached back and grabbed depended on the song. He did play a strat at times but only for 2 or 3 songs at that concert. He also had a couple of medieval looking instruments that looked like he might have found them in a field in his native Scotland which he used for one song each. I didn’t know enough about guitars at the time to recognize but a few, although my buddy that was with me is a musician and guitarist and he would know more. He did have a national steel guitar as well.

I'm guessing the steel was for "walk of Life"
What did he use on Money For Nothing? Hard to tell with all the fuzz and reverb

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To your thoughts on range of sound... I built one I bet you'd find interesting...

Strat body shape, made from pawlonia wood (aka empress wood). Super light. Birch pick guard. Maple neck, super thin... like Ibanez thin... flat back on the neck Rosewood fretboard.

But the real versatility comes from the wiring. Pickups are all Duncan... JB Jr bridge, 5-2 Nashville single coil mid and neck (mid is reverse wound). Single volume, single tone. The second tone knob is a rheostat that dials on the " off" pickup. E.G. in position 4 or 5 it dials up the neck, in position 1 or 2 it dials up the bridge. So in pos 1 or 5, dialed on max, the mid stays off and the two outer pickups are on. Makes a great Telecaster sound. In 2 or 4, full dial gives all 3 pickups... interesting almost crunchy tone but still bright. Kinda fuzzy. Because its a rheostat, its infinitely variable.

Oh, plus theres an extra switch to flip the JB Jr bridge humbucker from serial to single coil to parallel.


Yes I think he used the steel for that. I don’t think he played Money for Nothing. He’s written about 25 better songs than that. He played some solo stuff, much of which is better than Dire Straits. I’m old fashioned and like to pick my music one album at a time (random is sacrilegious to me) and have about 800 albums evenly split between LO’s and CD’s. My favourite of all 800 is Knopfler’s 1996 solo album Golden Heart. He played a couple off of that too. He did play Sultans of Swing. I think there is a video floating around on you tube I saw once where he played Sultans with Roy Clark, one of the few guitarists who had a hope of keeping up with him. He also played two of my favourites, Once Upon a Time in the West and Six Blade Knife.

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Sounds great. Good for you that you can build them. I wouldn’t have a clue.

It was more work than it was worth. Haven't built another one. But it was fun, and she'll a cool girl to play. Needs a Marshall. Gets a bit ice picky on a Fender Reverb. Sounds great with tone rolled off and with a Klon Centaur driving it into the marshall tubes though.


Rock on wow a guitarist in the house! I guess at some point there will be a CFL Forum band too?

Is your name by chance George, and do you know all the chords?


I guess I should apologize for going off topic there. Maybe the mods will see fit to move the guitar stuff to its own thread.

Sorry all


I’ve seen many clips of excellent live versions of Sultans. This is one of the best. Even in his younger days it looked pretty effortless, although he was definitely more animated. I had to watch it all the way through since I watched his Brothers in Arms masterpiece four times. The man is incomparable.

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I don’t think they will move it in their own but they might warn us to get back on topic, although this is pretty harmless thread wandering. You can always start one yourself and ask them to move the guitar posts over.

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I’ll take the blame if anyone gripes about this becoming
The CFL Guitar Aficionado Thread!

I did learn a lot.
Dang Danish cheese!

I was awaiting all afternoon for a potential job interview tomorrow that never transpired so I had to keep my mind on something else ….


Ah I know this feeling well especially since the spring of last year in working to try to upgrade my job.

At least since about May more of the job listings have been updated and real as compared to the waste of time it all was last year along with so much else wrong borne of some of the greatest incompetence in over a decade and breaking even more recent records.

We carry on the good fight, and all the best to you sir.

Thanks brother