Please don’t go, Sara

Not here either, more Edmonton Jets first go around and multiple teams (whoever was hot any given year) Jets 2.0 but within their own division.


never seen that before....... DENIED.... hilarious

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Awesome for her. Time she was more than a sideline reporter.

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all in good fun, but Toronto lived in the Peg fans head, rent free, until they got rid of Laine.

I’m not sure if that was the game where the Jets came back and Laine scored the OT winner after Matthews missed a breakaway. Jets fans always chant at opposing players. Considered sport here. When Ovie comes they chant “Crosby’s better”.

I really only know of two Leafs fans personally but about 20 Habs fans. Winnipeggers cheering for other teams has faded over time as you would expect. We also all know that we just have to wait for the playoffs for the Leafs to drop off the radar. The Jets have had considerably more post season success since their return than the Leafs, even though their success is hardly anything to brag about. Not worried about the Leafs for the foreseeable future with their salary cap hell and management philosophy that a good goaltender isn’t
needed to win in the playoffs.

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Gonna miss Sara. I just hope that TSN doesn't get Lisa LaFlamme to replace her. LOL!

"Smile Sara"-Hall and Oates

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Same network who fired the hell out of 30+ yr vet Lisa Laflamme. Luckily guy in charge of Network News at CTV wasn't the same as one from Network Sports.
That guy had the balls to fire up Rod Black - now never to be seen again.
Sara was top notch to be sure. But if Bell/TSN/CTV was gonna get mean with women then she made the right decision - fleeing to the Jets organization.

Jets may not be much on the ice. In face they're plum awful. A heinous defense and gassed offense doesn't make for many (if any) Stanley Cup runs but under their NHL umbrella Sara is safe & protected. Jets are mostly garbage with crappy vets like Wheeler & Schiefele and a chinese fire drill defense but they'll plug along - and with Sara at their media helm they'll create the hype and energy in an attempt to fill the house!

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Thought a bit of ‘80s cheese would be a suitable sendoff for our favourite sideline reporter.

The Leaf’s are purdy evil …..

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Best “Sara” song…..

Who would’ve thunk that Sara (Søer) means Lake!


Wow, pretty obscure stuff there Tex. But I hear it’s climbing the country charts in Stockholm.

Sonny & Cher ~ Baby Don't Go (1964) - Bing video

Listen to the Gibson guitar. Better than that cheese.

It’s actually Danish.

Only Americans buy Stockholm rock n roll :wink:

ABBA dabba dooooooooo!

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Well that’s easily the best of the three songs posted. Brienne of Tarth on guitar.

And Gibson’s rule!

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It is a good song. I found it yesterday after trying to find something funny on Sara and cheese. The Danish Sara Sorte cheese lead me to the Søren Sorte. And Søren sounds like Sara in Danish :wink:
Søren is black in Danish and Sorte is Sea, so it is The Black Sea.
And it’s JAMMING!!!
And that’s the rest of the story….

I know it’s tangential off the thread but

Have a happy Thursday


It’s not as popular as famous thrash band PigDog from the Philippines, but it works :wink:


I have a Gibson’s shirt an ex girlfriend got for me right from the factory in Tennessee.

No guitar sounds better to me or has a fuller range of sound. The best guitar work I have ever seen and heard on a Gibson is by the man you posted, the bestest of the bestest, Mark Knopfler. If you haven’t seen the Music for Montserrat concert, organized by George Martin and Eric Clapton, check out the link

It is truly one of the best concerts ever filmed. The sound in the Royal Albert Hall is studio quality. The A list performers are impeccable. Sting’s vocals, which we were talking about earlier, are amazing.

Anyway, back to my point. Watch Knopfler’s flawless performance on Brothers in Arms and the amazing sound he gets out of his Gibson. Best guitar live I’ve ever seen. He effortlessly switches styles throughout the song and pulls off Gilmour notes, among others, with ease. Then switch the video off and listen to it again to really appreciate it. Everything he plays looks effortless. Also watch Layla with Knopfler on electric and Clapton on acoustic. Just those two. Another masterpiece. I don’t believe there is anyone else in the world that can play those two songs the way Knopfler plays them in this concert. Eric toured with Mark for years. I love the way he always just shakes his head and laughs when he watches him play, as if to say how long would it take to learn to play guitar like that.

Ok got carried away. Back to the thread.

Sara! Sara! At least I’ll still get to see her on Jets games.


That song “Brothers in Arms” means a lot to veterans too. It’s like the unofficial anthem of The Green Berets. Thanks I’ll check that out!

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I would have thought this to be the GB anthem

Sgt Barry Sadler - Ballad of the Green Berets 1966 - Bing video

love that song sung by that soldier

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