Please DO NOT Hire Eric Tillman as G M. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the love of God, PLEASE DO NOT hire Eric Tillman as the General Manager :x

It would change everything !!

how about as a mascot?

what...they fired the mascot as well?

Tillman would be another train wreck!!

May as well hire Mike Kelly. . .

Please hire Eric Tillman as G.M....

:rockin: :D

Hire Tillman or go after Mike McCarthy like...YESTERDAY!!!!!

Get someone who can actually evaluate talent...

Mike McCarthy is a good name too.

yes, almost forgot about Mike the "Mover and Shaker" McCarthy.
One of the best wheeler/dealers in CFL history.

McCarthy and/or Austin would be fine choices IMO.

Tillman does have a successful track record and for that I respect him.

He also has a track record of not staying with an organization for a long period of time. This is what scares me if we were to hire him.

I want long term. I am thinking long term. I want a guy who's the next Wally Buono. A guy who puts together a successful team for 10 years and only misses the playoffs once.

Alan_Cooper wrote I want long term. I am thinking long term. I want a guy who's the next Wally Buono. A guy who puts together a successful team for 10 years and only misses the playoffs once.
Doesn't every team want that?

My guess is Tillman as GM and LaPolice as coach. Other rumours are Mike O'shea as head coach.

LaPolice's last team had no discipline, and in the end, had no respect for him. His offense was terrible and only Tim Burke's defense got him to the Grey Cup.

O'shea has neither any experience designing and executing defenses or offenses. And if he does come here, it will only be to gather training and then head right back to Toronto at the first opportunity.

Mitchell said earlier today that the team wants people with proven track records this time so your choices meet that prerequisite.
Mike O'Shea has shown promise as a coordinator but it would be ludicrous for the Ti-Cats to take another risk on an unproven head coach. Maybe they have finally at least learned that lesson.
There are not many bona fide GM candidates who would step into this mess but Tillman is probably one. Duane Forde is good at what he does but certainly isn't ready for a GM's position IMO. He may be a candidate for a personnel director's position or assistant GM.
It would take absurd money to get Kent Austin to even consider a GM or head coach position here IMO. If Young is going to throw that kind of money around, he might as well go big or go home - go after Mike Riley at Oregon State.

Mike Reily is an interesting choice. I believe he won two Grey cup rings while head coach in Winnipeg.

Again, will likely command a LOT of money, should Hamilton decide to go calling...

Kent Austin as Head Coach/GM, then he hires his friend Eric Tillman as Assistant GM to handle the administrative side.

La Police as OC not head coach that would be mighty fine.

No fear ... this organization has a track record of hiring the least capable people with absolutely no experience in winning Championships ... that alone will discount Tillman from the running ...

I mean why hire a guy that has experience in building playoff caliber football teams, and has actually constructed a couple of Grey Cup champions !?? :roll: :roll:

Posts like this are indicative of why this organization is the laughing stock of the league, and is lost without a clue.

No it wouldn’t… Lapo has NO clue how to run an offense… see WPG 2010/2011

I wouldn't go so far as to say he has no clue. He has been an offensive coordinator for a lot of years, most recently with Saskatchewan in 2008 and 2009 (the latter being a Grey Cup year for the Riders). The Riders were the second-highest scoring team in 2009 as well. Saying he doesn't have a clue how to run an offense isn't accurate. Also, it's not like he had a plethora of weapons at his disposal in Winnipeg. He'd have much more talent to use in Hamilton (way better QB, better or equal RB, way better receivers) than he ever did in Winnipeg. I think he would be a fine hire as offensive coordinator.

This is what Young would be hiring. Call "it" what you'd like.

Reed agreed but with trepidation.

"I don't want this to sound like I'm blabbing what went on at a meeting, because that isn't professional.

"But the way Eric presented it at the time and during the season was that I was supportive of making that trade. I was not."