Please Do Not Change Your Name!

I am a long time CFL fan please do not change your name it is a great name . Long live my Argos !!!

Kind of late as they are going to drop the name by next week.

The minority voice has spoken.

This was all debated hotly in another thread, but all that mattered to me is what the Inuit in MAJORITY would decide.

When determining if something is offensive or not, ask first and foremost those with the most stakes in the matter and not, as many not affected believe, financial ones.

I also object to all these hipsters deciding matters for any given historically oppressed group.

Their opinion matters first and foremost not, and they have their own trash to clean up amongst themselves and many of us don't want their input or help.

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Yep, it's looking to be Edmonton Empire and good ole colonialism now... I'm guessing the northern engagement will end as it would just be weird if otherwise..

Edmonton elite, Edmonton empire, ya that won’t last long, Edmonton edmonton’s ? Edmonton oil. Edmonton jaspers. Edmonton # 1’s.

Like I stated before they are no longer obligated to market themselves to the Inuit community anymore.

They do have actual issues that aren't getting addressed.

ayaškimew = Esquimau, Esquimaux (plural or collective only), Esquimo

'Nominal Footprints'

There are thousands of names of geographical features in North America that are different formulations of the sounds and imagery of Isis-water . The footprints of Sasquatch were "sighted" in Saskatchewan. Although S -asqua- tch is spelled with asqua and S -aska- tchewan is spelled with aska , they're clearly related words. They both contain Isis-water . The names Sasquatch , Saskatchewan , and Saskatoon (the town), are all derived from the native Cree word Misasqwatomin . The name Misasqwatomin is the original Indian name for the Saskatoon River . The Mis-as-qwa- tomin River clearly contains the name Mother-Isis-water .

North America abounds with rivers named Isis-water and Mother-Isis-water . The Susque- hanna River in Pennsylvania is another Isis-water river. The Massasagua River in Ontario, the Massa- pe -qua River in New York, and the Mississ- ippi River all contain some form of Mother-Isis-water . The town of Issaquah (Isis-water) , Washington probably got its name from a river of that name. Siskiyou , the name of the National Forest, was probably once the name of an Isis-water river.

Isis water is life. Isis + water = a woman, Squa.
Death and the resurrection is squa spoken in reverse i.e., X eqs. Cross them off the list. Pagan symbolism. The native symbol for man both dead and alive is X. As is the Thunderbird.

etc., etc., etc.


Well it's a done deal now. From the statement, I got the feeling they were getting ahead of the inevitable and so on with it now.

I have stated how I felt about it.

Talk about caving to the a very few.

Looks like the Blackhawks, Chiefs, Braves etc are next.


Edmonton eh ! Edmonton. Ease ,

Ridiculous, What does the word. Edmonton mean, it must be something ? Are we going to start changing the names of cities and provinces next, I’m sure there must be something wrong with some of those names to ?

Apparently there might be a move to change the name of Columbus, Ohio.

Not sure if they were serious.

we need to change the Name of British Columbia since it makes us sound like British drug cartels.

If they want to keep the C, I vote for Caribou. But Colony, Calorie, or Convey could all work too.

The city of Columbus wants to keep the C....they could rename the place the CC!

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BC should've changed it's name long ago (like when they entered confederation). Hey left coast people, you're not a British colony anymore! Nothing British about it. The north central area used to be called New Caledonia, maybe they could go with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
To get back on topic, Eskimos seems very dated, should've chosen a different name back when the current francize was establish in '49. Original Eskimos team was blue and white, this team is green and gold (thanks to the U of A), probably should've chosen a new name to go with the new team and new colours.