I've stuck behind him for years, but man, he's making it hard for his mom to cheer for him!

When was the last time the Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup? The year before Westwood joined the team. Kinda says something in that the last Grey Cup win was in 1990!!

sign me

He has to go. It's time.

BC Is shopping Pitula (spelling?) around. He is capable of doing both and that would free up some cap room.

As a Rider Fan, I was VERY impressed with your team last night. You may need a little more consistency on defence (at least the early part of the game showed that). BTW where is BUSH?

....Bush is injured and Obby was out as well....they are difference makers....hope they get back soon...on Westwood.....he better straighten things out or he could be in trouble....poor performance :roll: :thdn:

Troy has had a fine career with the Bombers

...but if the team stays with him this one more year he is likely to cost the team a few wins. (1 already, and counting)

I hope he is still around when the Bombers meet up with Hamilton this year. We'll need some breaks.

...i would say Troy has recieved a message....we have signed Rob Pikula....who was on the leos roster....we gave them a draft choice....i would say not a bad deal considering the quality of kicker we now have.....go BigBlue...

Well if Westwood does get his butt canned he can practice playing his banjo riffs!

Guess who's practicing with the Team, Berry said he hasn't made up his mind yet and doesn't want to be bothered about who's Kicking untill later in the week... Sun Media stated he was kicking longer and more acuratly than Pikula. Thats just our luck, the chump gets lucky for a few days in practice and Wins his spot back..

Most teams have a Quarterback Contraversy....sounds like you guys have akicker contraversey.

theres no controversy westwood shoud be cut and let Pikula have the kicking duties.

ok guys give westwood a little break. i am not a huge fan os him anymore then u. but pikula needs alot of work and well didn;t exactly excell in the game against mtl. and an punting avg under 40 doesn;t cut it.

I have to give it to Pikula. He made an incredibly athletic play to kick a bomb on that snap that was way over his head. Pretty amazing that he had so much on that punt considering he was running to his right with a guy on him!

I didn’t realize how short Pikula was till I was standing next to him. He cant be much taller then Roberts…

Pikula is listed at 5 ft 10 but I think he is more my height, like 5 ft 8 or even less...

Cut Westwood... you know, Westwood is probably the person on this planet who I would NOT want to go drinking with on a friday night. He seems like one of those yappy little jerks who mouth off to others in a bar and relies on his buddies to back him... without his 6 ft 4, 300 lb body guards protecting him when he no longer plays football, he could find out how painful it can be to be both an arsehole and a dwarf.

…ahem…and you must be talking from experience with regards to your last statement…don’t think cuz Westy is small in stature that he’s a little wimp push-over…he’s taken some pretty big boys down and wouldn’t be too shabby in a brawl…just put it this way…i wouldn’t stick my arse in the wind and dare him to take a swift kick at it…might end up with your bum splitting the up-rights…ouch …that would hurt :lol: :lol: :lol: