Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong!!!

[b]Please correct me if I am wrong, and please I beg of you let me know what they do in your city.

Ok now let me set this up for you. I have had the wonderful opportunities to attend many many many football games, from NCAA, to the NFL, to even one NFL Europe game, however I have never taken in a game outside of BC PLACE.

Why do the BC LIONS Cheerleaders (dance squad - cough cough cough) face the field for 90% of the game? In all the games I have been too, the cheerleader, face the fans, don’t watch the game, cheer us on and provide between the snaps entertainment.

At BC Lions games, they face the field, turn only during tv timoutes, when they are not running on the field to perform one of their only two badly done dance routines. The most exciment we get at BC PLACE is when they are demanded to do a cartwheel in front of Section 10.

So is it just us, are our cheerleaders, oh sorry yes “dance squad” sorry fell over laughing for a moment, the worst in the league, in North America? or are yours worse? What do they do in other CFL cities?

Begging for the return mascot soccer.

...pretty minor thing to be stressing to this degree about, don't you think?

The games are so exciting they probably want to watch the action, rather than watch you oggle them... :slight_smile:

Maybe a safety issue? If they are looking at the crowd during the play, they could get blindsided and get hurt.

Maybe their bums are nicer than their faces?

One of the Bomber's great strengths :slight_smile:

Hey, it's better than lousy Mosaic Stadium where fake noise is pumped in through the sound system when the opposing team is on offense, despite it being ILLEGAL. However, we wouldn't want to penalize the Roughriders, would we?

...friendly reminder to lay off the improper statements and insults...thanks...

sorry I should have said hahahahahahahahaha…

Hey, it’s better than lousy Mosaic Stadium where fake noise is pumped in through the sound system when the opposing team is on offense, despite it being ILLEGAL. However, we wouldn’t want to penalize the Roughriders, would we?

Yep, that's much better...:wink:

As opposed to real noise, right? I'll pass that info right along...

That is a ridiculous statement, Mosaic doesn't need 'fake' noise. Wasn't it BC who was accused of this before? Canad Inns Stadium funnels sound real well too!

Could it be they want to face the TV camera's on the field of play. But wow maybe you should quit going to football games and just go to cheerleader competitions in the states LOL.

[quote="redwhite2005"]Could it be they want to face the TV camera's on the field of play.

On the Field of play. Ok Now I know that I have attended a lot of games, and I am not sure as I only spent two years on the field in Calgary, but I do not recall and TV camera's on the field of play? So with that said your sad attempt at humor is just that sad, I would offer to take you to some of those Cheerleading competitions, in the South, but I do not go to any, as I prefer to support and attend the ones here in CANADA. Oh Im am sorry you didn't know they had them up here? That Canada actually has talented cheerleaders? Im sorry I should have guessed from the TV Camera's on the Field comment that we were dealing with the best of the best in cow town.

To answer another note: YES, it was BC that got in trouble for piping in music, it was before the playoff game with Regina a few years back. They were not officially piping music as they were playing the music really loud, when the other team was on offence, right up to the snap of the ball. They now have to stop a certain amount of seconds prior to the ball being snapped. But, if your not trying to cheat... your not trying to win.

Camera's on the Field, I am still laughing about that, wasn't that the XFL????

LOL you need to get a serious look at yourself. You did not give much thought to it. I am not talking that cameras are on the field but they are showing the actual game and many times the cameras will zoom onto the cheerleaders during the game. Now cheer leaders are part of the game and great to see but I truly go to the game to watch football. It appears you go to watch the cheerleaders only. I am just wondering if you have only gone to one game because your post really gives that impression. The fact I did not know they have competitions in Canada is really a no brainer. I do not care to see one I am a football fan not a cheerleader groupie. Really what is the point of your post?

  1. Yes all CFL teams have cheerleaders
  2. Yes the face the field of play so they can be viewed by the TV audience
    3)NO I could care less about cheer leading competitons
  3. Just maybe you should watch the football game and get a poster of the cheer leading squad. That way you can take them home with you.

and that is why you live in Calgary....

How sad

Ya I am really sad to live in Calgary LOL. Now move along your making yourself look foolish. Never thought I would get in a debate about cheerleading LOL.