Please Come Back Next Season

Well there's the difference right there.

Good luck to Billy trying to smuggle his kool aid in.

so thats why ritch was so mad the other day...

mikey stole his bombay...

I know the team needs all 25000+ to remain healthy, but I remember the days of the loyal 15000 quite fondly. Before the days of all the armchair QB's in the crowd who know everything. The people who come on here and quit the team every week and the boycotters. I'll be watching the team no matter what. Do I like to socialize?? Sure, but I'm there for the football. Win or Lose. I've never stayed away from the game because I didn't like a Coach or a player and anyone who does isnt a fan IMO.

Thats the EXACT point im trying to get across... well said borehamgirl. You cant tell me you didnt enjoy sitting wherever you want, no lineups anywhere, always having parking lol.

Those were the days...
You brought a tear to my eye remembering the good ol' days. :wink:
Back in the day we always bought an extra seat too! I have always said that I would have happily paid more money for my seats if they would just take out a few seats per row. My plus size body does not fit in those itty bitty seats when the place is sold out.

The Ticats will rise again soon......they're just sleeping right


No problem ronfromtigertown and thanks for your comments.

I too remember those days of lots of leg room and no line ups. However, as crowded as it is at IWS right now, it's obviously better this way, as the bills are being paid and there are no worries of us losing the team.

Sleeping? Better hold a mirror in front of their faces to check.

An Argo fan

This season may be a write off, but I will renew my season tickets next year.
It's STILL my favourite team in any sport.

If I lived in Chicago, I'd still be buying Cubbies tickets and going to games. Lovable losers.

Ever see any unsold Leaf tickets? Nothing worse than being a Leaf fan, but they still buy.

Keep with this kids!
Oski Wi Wi

Cubs fans are kinda pathetic actually. Leaf fans are darn right obnoxious. I hope the latter wins a Stanley Cup soon just to knock the chip off their collective shoulder.

TiCat fans haven't had many successul seasons to celebrate lately, but I can't see the masses embracinig a loveable loser or eternal runner-up kinda team.

Expectations were very high this year, maybe too high. As Bob said, with so many rookies in ownership, management, and coaching, critical mistakes were being made even when things were going well (2004).

It's back to the ol' drawing board and starting from scratch time for our team. However, with our Caretaker and new GM I have faith a championship is not too far away.

When that happens, I'll be sitting in my same seats amongst the other same season ticket holders remembering this season like a badge of honour.

Oskie Wee Wee,

Glad to see you agree with an idiot :wink:

Back to the thread topic, I think alot of TiCat fans are like me. I've been going to Argo games at the old CNE stadium since I was a kid, through some great years and some really awful years. Me and my buddies went because we love the CFL brand of football, it was a great chance to hang out together, talk about it during the week, etc. and if the team won---bonus. Now it's also about introducing the younger members of our families to the game while getting to know them a little better too, taking the wife, supporting a community institution, etc.

Although I've never had season tickets, I've gone to a lot of Argo games over the years and I'll continue to go whatever their fortunes on the field. I love to see a win as much as the next guy but it's about a while lot more than that and I suspect it is for a lot of Cats fans who are being challenged by some posters to let their season's tickets lapse.

Everyone's entitled to his/her opinion so those of you who are suggesting that fans not renew their subscriptions, that's fine. I just hope the fans ignore you.

An Argo fan

I'm like you there Barney I've been going to games on and off since the sixties,except I've had season tics for five years now and enjoyed them .

As much as it hurts to say especially after another loss I'll definately renew them as it's a way of passing on the CFL to the young fans in our family.
I give them tickets ,(like I've written before) they go to the game ,say thanks and ask if I saw their sign on TV.
Definately they have a different idea of what entertainment is ,ah the young at heart.

I also still love the game of football more than any other especially as a spectator .

Ti-Cats forever and ever amen....

(1)What Bob Young has done for the stability of this team is great!
(2)What Bob Young has done with the pride of this team is just right out terrible!
(3)Last and but least Bob Young!It is never , may I repeat never alright to lose a game!Never!Losing is unacceptable!

(1) Agreed
(2) Bob Young has done nothing to tarnish Cat pride but the players and coaches sure have
(3) Agreed especially for pros who are paid to do one thing—WIN.

An Argo fan