Please Come Back Next Season

I'm going to do a rant of a different sort. Like everyone else, I'm really disappointed with this season's results. This season hurts more than 2003 simply because expectations were so much higher for this year. Anyway, my rant is more to do with the fans than the team. Please bear with me here as this could take a while to explain my point of view.

I listen to every 5th quarter show and I constantly here people say that they are not going to renew their season tickets. I understand everyone's frustration and I know that fans feel their only recourse is to stop coming to the games. However, I'm afraid that this course of action is going to start a downward spiral that we will NOT recover from. Prior to Bob Young, the number one topic in the media on the Tiger-Cats was attendance and whether or not the team would survive. Even if Hamilton played well, there was more talk about the fact that there were only 16,000 people there, than the game play itself. I was getting really tired of having people ask me if I thought the team would be around for another year. With Bob Young here, all of that talk has stopped. The Media is finally focusing on the game play, which is what they should focus on. If season ticket holders decide to not renew their tickets then I'm afraid we are going to be heading back towards the way things were prior to Bob Young. And I'm even more concerned when you consider the fact that there will not be much Bob can do to bring the fans back. Once people stop coming, there will be less money for bringing in free agents. Which results in a team with less talent and poorer play. The reason Bob was able to stop our downward spiral in 2003 was because he came in and breathed new life into the organization. He promised a new and better game day experience. He bought a fantasic new jumbo tron of our own. I ask you, what would he be able to do to stop a new downward spiral? With less money to work with, it will be almost impossible to put a better team on the field. It seems to me that some fans feel that the only way Bob and this team will improve is if they stop showing up to show Bob that this team is not good enough for us to come to the games. People, get your head out of the sand. Do you really think that the organization is enjoying the play of the team this season? Do you think they are trying to lose 11 out of 13 games? Of course not, they are doing their best to win and to make this team respectable. Yes, of course, it hasn't worked this year but taking away their financial resources is not going to help the situation. The team went out and spent a lot of money this off season in an attempt to make us one of the better teams in the league. Okay, maybe they didn't spend the money wisely, but hey, at least they were trying. It would be a whole other argument if the team was not bringing in the free agents that we needed, but they did. Staying away next year is one of the worst things us fans could do to this team. They are working hard at turning this thing around and they need our support now more than ever. The fickle fans are going to stop coming out to games now because of how poorly the team is playing, so if the die hard fans do the same then we'll be in real trouble. Ask yourself this, do you want to run Bob Young out of town? Do you think there is another potential owner out there that will do a better job? Well, think again, because there isn't. And if Bob Young leaves due to lack of support then that maybe it for our franchise. If you would rather have no football at all than poor football, then fine, stay at home and enjoy watching the No Fun League.

I for one, will continue to support this team, as difficult as it is right now, because I believe that they WILL turn things around and we have better days ahead. WHO'S WITH ME?

There times SOME Ticat fans make a lot of sense about their team :slight_smile: this is one of those times. :thup:

I'm with you ...

Althogh I didn't read the middle of your long post...

Need some spaces.

The glass is Half full next year.....(edit;is what I meant )

I agree, the real fans will come back... the fairweather fans that boycott when a certain QB is starting or just complain about the QB altogether may stay home as some sort of silent protest... but who cares? The real football fans support this team through thick and thin.

Well said. And now, let's hear the same angry rants from the same angry fans.

I've bought 3 seasons tickets for the last three years and will or lose, I hope everyone renews their seasons...

...sales are important to keep the sponsors on board while the team negotiates through this bad time....we do seem to have solid sponsors though who are showing they will hang in...

It will get better.

Condensed Version - Business Survival Book

Rule 1. Keep your customer happy

Rule 2. If you have forgotten what drives your business, refer to rule 1.

Of course I’m grouchy and frustrated right now but, I’ll be there and at all games in Toronto and any train trips that might take place. The team has my full suppport (as always).

As an Argo fan there is many things I admire and can be jealous of the Cats orginization. First off, there fans are great and pasionate. Just look at this forum compared to others and the packed stadium every game for a losing team. A few years ago they were only averaging 14 000 at Ivor Wynne. The fans have turned it around and only the team has to do it. The stadium is such a great place to watch a game and I can have fun every game because even the fans are funny and can be hard on their team.

Toronto has had some of the worst teams and has the worst losing record all-time. However they hit their years of greatness too. Remember, the Cats won the Cup and time goes by fast. If you keep supporting the team, they can get the better players, weed out the bad ones and win again, trust me. I belive that this team is only a quarterback and coach away from a winning season. The losing seasons make the winning that much better. The 2004 Argonauts were a great story and a great feeling for players and fans that suffered some terrible seasons after Doug Flutie.

Theres nothing wrong with angry rants... its the "I wont go back because Danny Mac is starting"

Replace Danny Mac with Jason Maas and you get the same uneducated blather from people that only go to the park cause they think its the place to be.

that only go to the park cause they think its the place to be.
nothing wrong with that either "Crash"....

Ivor Wynne Stadium is the "rally point" for the City of Hamilton and we shouldn't question people's motives for being there....for some, it's the football itself, for other's it's the social coming together with friends and for other's it's the "game day" experience...

All in all, it's all good that people buy tickets...

There certainly is when you... i mean people dont go because a certain QB is starting.

I haven't missed buying a ticket in three fact I purchased 3 tickets for each game in the last 3 years....and extras when I needed them....

...I actually missed going to three games this year myself because of a foot injury....but my kid's friends scooped my tickets quick.... :lol:

Buy Seasons!'s the only way to go!


Thanks for bringing this topic back to what it was meant to discuss.

I'm glad to know there are other fans, like me, who will go to the games, despite our record. I just hope there are enough of us to keep this franchise thriving. Don't get me wrong, I'm pissed off, just like everyone about how this team is playing and I demand that they get better. However, I don't believe that staying away from the games is the solution. Instead, go to the games and boo the team if you want to make a statement.

Fortunately we have an owner who can afford to eat a year of lower attendance if that's what it takes to restore the fans' faith in their ability to field a competitive team.
Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Just remember it cant get any worse than this. When winning starts again which it will it will feel so sweet.
I know I will be one to stick around and enjoy that because it's going to be awsome

:) Cheers to that!!!

While it may not be enough to pay the bills this city will always have 13-15000 knowledgeable people who will go to the games for the simple fact they truly like to watch live football.

Which is why it was always louder with 15000 than with the 25000+ they get now.

They treat like a SPORTING event and not a life support system for a social life.

As difficult as it is to take the losing right now,
I will continue to be a season ticket holder,

because I also believe that they WILL turn things around
and there will be far better days ahead, wlanders.

I remember you used to post a lot on

I am glad your 6th post on the new Ticats/CFL website

is such an important thread as this one.

Thanks for starting it.


and as you say

if the die hard fans do the same [ stop coming] then we'll be in real trouble. Ask yourself this, do you want to run Bob Young out of town? Do you think there is another potential owner out there that will do a better job? Well, think again, because there isn't. And if Bob Young leaves due to lack of support then that maybe it for our franchise. If you would rather have no football at all than poor football, then fine, stay at home and enjoy watching the No Fun League.

Look no further than the people that didnt bother to get season tickets in 2003 because they didnt want to watch losing football.

Those were the days, when the fan comments being yelled at the field made sense... the fans basically knew it wasnt Danny Macs fault alone... and basically cut him some slack.

I could stretch my feet, rest my back and have beers lined up on the bench next to me.... not having to worry about getting yelled at for accidentally knocking over little Billy's kool aid.