Please Clarify...

This may be a stupid post, but I just need clarification.

Since the Bombers beat the Alouettes last weekend, it assured us 3rd place no matter what...

But if were 8-8 and win our last 2 games, and the Alouettes are 10-6 and lose their last 2 games, we will end with the same record at season's end.

Plus we tied the season-series, and our +/- against them is better.

What's the tie breaking that the Alouettes hold that automatically puts us in 3rd no matter what??

Thank you.

Montreal actually beat us by ONE point overall in the 4 regular-season games that we played.

Ok, thank you.

My miscalculation. I had it the other way around.

Montreal scored one more point than us in the games between the two teams, which puts them ahead of us in the event of a tie.

But what is the tie breaking procedure if it ends up in a three-way tie? That's still a possibility, although extremely unlikely.

In the event of the unbelievable (sorry for the editorial comment) 3-way tie scenario (wait a minute this is the CFL :wink: )I believe the bummers have the season over us (3 wins and 0 losses) and the All Wets (2 wins and 1 loss) so it would finish W M H and H would play in the BIG OWE in the Semi. Check me if I'm wrong.

Nope, you got it. :thup: That's exactly how a three-way tie would end up.

I just looked it up and it's based on win percentage in the games among all three teams. The Bummers are 5-1, the Allwets are 3-4, and the Ticats are 2-5. So we're still in 3rd place. Darn.

Good post! I had those same thoughts/questions last week. It's not like would post standings at least for a few days anyway...why do we always have to do all the thinking. lol
The refs have really determined the final standings as of late anyway.
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