Please CFL.... FIRE Kim Murphy!!!

HE has to be the worst referee in the CFL. Guaranteed to make at least 3 or 4 bad calls a game. He and his crew are the reason they should NOT have changed the rule to cut down to 1 challenge. >:(

CFL might be better off hiring a mope like angel hernandez to replace Kim Murphy - and angel is about the worst official in the long & rocky history of sports officiating!

Stacey Livingstone anyone?

Kim adjudicates the penalties of the entire crew. His main focus is the quarterback and he does a good job at his area of coverage.

This is a critical point that many so called "fans" often miss. The head referee may not even make 3 or 4 calls in a game because, as you pointed out, his responsibility is to protect the QB and run the game. Just because he vocalizes all penalties doesn't mean he has anything to do with them being called.

As far as his crew, the CFL has had "mix and match" crews for three years now. The days of the consistent seven officials in a set crew are long gone.

But facts don't often matter to an angry "fan" who would prefer to blame the guys in stripes instead of his team's lackluster performance....sad!

Yup. Just proves how a lot of fans dont know how things work.

Yup A lot of people don't know how it works

But I think we have now seen every head ref called out as the worst in the league

He is the crew chief, does have a flag and uses it in his position while positioned in the offensive backfield.
Yes is one of the worst, yet last year he was graded supposedly as the best with getting the GC? Go figure.

Just curious why you feel he's the worst referee. Is it that he calls too many roughing the passer, contacting the kicker, and holding penalties? Too few? Is he bad at spotting where punts go out of bounds? Is it his management of his team of officials? (And if so, how exactly do you judge that?) Is it his style in announcing penalties that other officials have called?

Kim Murphy has worked every position on the field. He was awarded the position of Referee a number of years ago due to his consistency and knowledge of the game and rules. As I and others have already stated, his main focus is the quarterbackand punter/kicker. He most certainly can call holding on the line, other UR's, too many men on the field, illegal substitutions...... Kim is an outstanding CFL referee. His brother (a university official) even runs the only amateur football two-day clinic in Ontario.

How many people here even know how the whole officiating crew works?

And for those that don't, here's a starting point.

CFL Officials' Handbook

Yep, that's the mechanics book....kind of a referee's playbook. Then there's the actual rule book. I estimate for every hour I'm actually on the field working a game I probably have done 10-15 hours of reading and clinic work. Double that for the CFL guys.

Yeah, I figured reading the rulebook went without saying. But then again, maybe not.

But the rulebook doesn't talk much about the roles and responsibility of the various officials. That's where the handbook comes into play.

And then there's the complete list of official rulings, which I suspect is more extensive than the list included in the rulebook.

The "handbook", which we refer to as the "mechanics" (as opposed to "Mike & The Mechanics...a fine group featuring former Genesis guitaristMike Rutherford) helps us to be in the best position to call a play...and there are "mechanics" for a six man crew (when a guy goes down), five man crews (High School) and so on down the line. Officials work what could best be described as a "zone defence" as we all have very specific areas of responsibility that change as a play proceeds.

Both books are critical, but as an official with too many years experience at seven man mechanics I rarely look at it anymore as the mechanics play by play are kind of burned in my brain. The rule book, on the other hand, is always nearby and always under study. It's my favorite airplane book and as I have to fly on business tomorrow it'll be in my bag even if I only have 20 minutes to read....there's always a tricky rule or rule application that you forget but will pop up in your next game and you always want to get it right.