Please bring in a new punter....please.

Our punter is terrible. The most glaring weakness on the team, and consistantly very bad. A very good effort by many players tonight, but another divisional L.

How about Boreham?

Why doesn't the snapper face the other way..and hike it really high...better yardage than the crumpdishes we see out there now,.

How about 3 down football, all the time?

I agree, I watched the late game and Troy Westwood was booming them 50 yards when it mattered. Our guys with 2minutes left in the 4th with the wind hit one 33 yards , bounces back and we take a no yard flag. Montreal drives the short field for the winning field goal

You have to cut Fleming. He’s had six games to establish himself, punting-wise, and has failed consistently. That last punt he had against Montreal went about 30 yards even though we needed him to pin them deep and he had the wind at his back. I’d ask Myers to punt, too. He can’t be any worse than Fleming.

We have a punter who can average 40 yards a kick, we win this game very likely putting the Als in poorer field position.
Gonzo immediately this Flemming, please, please as the title of this thread suggests.

We need to do something - Punting is terrible - special teams is 1/3 of the game and we have lacked for a long time now in that dept. But we also have no running game, and we aren't using Holmes enough. We are doing a lot of things right as well though. However we have the Big Blue back to back and we have to win those games, starting next Friday in Hamilton. Sorry - Fleming is a dud.

YEP !!!!!

This is EXACTLY what I came here to discuss ... Fleming is HORRIBLE and the GOAT HORNS squarely rest on his head today ... it's too bad when a teams EFFORTS are SQUANDERED by a SPECIALTY guy - that CAN'T DO HIS JOB !!!


I would give him one last chance and if he can't punt in the next game with over a 40 yard avg, we need to move on.

Your suggesting we get Westwood? :wink:

To Fleming's credit , his average is not as bad as it seems.
His average last night would have been between 45-50 yds.

The one that got blocked was acually going to go 70 yds. :slight_smile:

how good is myers at punting? I have heard he can do it so i would really like to see him in there next game too.

I've read that he "can" punt, but probably only in emergency situations.

Westwoods wife could probably do better then fleming. sheesh get rid of him. I got a idea maybe use a cheerleader at least will be easier to watch :thup: :thup:

In college he wasn't his team's punter.

It is obvious he hasn't been working at punting

because when he tried a few punts in practice.

All of them made a thunking sound
and fell short of the punt returners.


It appeared to me that Myers kicked off poorly in Montreal

His kick offs usually landed around the 20 yard line.


IMO, if we use an American kicker for long,

he better be able to punt as well as kick

because of the Import/Non Import Ratio.

Ever think that it might be the line? the short shanks are comming from no time to get it off.

I prefer my shanks long, braised in red wine (shiraz) with wilted swiss chard and roasted garlic mashed potatos...

im likeing your idea :wink: :thup:

All of our special teams have to get better. Our return game is no good and our punting is terrible. Something must be done.