Please bring back player intros (Petition)

self explanatory I think... perhaps if we ask very nicely and get a bunch of signatures they will consider it?


i love the player introductions. it always got me so pumped up before the games seeing the players come out of the hemlmet.

It also gets the crowd into it early before the game even starts.

they definately have to do it on labour day.


I don't think they will change the intros mainly because coming out as a team makes all the players feel equal and doesn't glorify the starters.

Personally I liked the player intros but I think it is better for the team as a whole to be introduced together. That way our special teams guys can feel special too :stuck_out_tongue:

They announced them as recently as 2006.

I figured they stopped so that certain players (who shall remain Maas) wouldn't get singled out for booing.

If we start putting more wins together, I wouldn't be surprised if the player intros made a return.

They already single out the "stars" somewhat by who speaks in this year's intro video.

One unit, 12 players..introduce
the best unit from the last game

or rotate the units to be introduced.

This has always been a great way to get
the players and the crowd pumped up

even before the ball has been kicked off

and a great way to let our opponents know
that they are in for a really hard time.

Sign that petition, folks. it's worth it.

Done. BG and I have been talking about this for a while now. Love this idea - time to bring it back.

tried to enjoy the player intros (the argos defense) last game but shut the music off while your introducing the players

I actually like the fact that they introduce the team as a team. I think it would be more meaningful to the players.

Agreed Player Intro is a good thing and gets the starters pumped I like the used to do it on this post and how about some explosive tunes like AC/DC Thunderstruck the new tune and all team intro are boring and lame as hell CHANGE IT!!!!

I like what there doing .
We are Team and we should be introduced as that
there is no I in Team

there was for years before this season why!? :wink:

Exactly. I get the whole team concept thing, but I still prefer the player introductions.

But that means we have to listen to Popeye even longer during a game.... Although I noticed he did tone it down last game...

I love that video, but it's a shame that it's played too early when the stadium is relatively empty.

I think they should follow a this sequence:

  1. Introduce the visiting team

  2. Play the "Small Town" video.

  3. Do player intros for the Ti-Cats.

It would get everyone pumped for the game, fans and players alike.

Also, the "our game" video produced by the CFL is outstanding and should be played sometime during the game at IWS.

Agreed Cap, that video was fantastic....

There might be no “I” in team but there’s an m and an e. :wink: