Please Blackout the rest of the games....

Scott Mitchell and Ticat brain trust, please feel free to blackout all remaining games this season until the on-field product resembles a professional football club. This will save heartache and wasted time waiting for the team to come around. This will also save loyal and hapless diehards (myself) from severe saddness and shame.

I think the next ticket promotion should be for 25$ 1 ticket, free hat, free coffee, free donut and 1 voucher for theraputic counselling.

Scratch that...I'll die without them.

Find the power button on your TV or hand held controller. At game time press one of them and do something else.

Therapeutic advice is free

hey stkitts..simple...don't watch the games

I can’t it’s an addiction. I’ve been trying to shake it for a number of years.