Please beat BC for all of us in Riderville

I've always been a fan of Winnipeg even when they were my team's most hated rival. If nothing else comes from this season, you can beat BC both games and say you cost them first place after an 11-0 start. From the bottom of everyone's heart in Riderville, please continue BC's losing streak and extend our chances of getting first place. Show up to the game this weekend and make some noise and show the washed up Leos some Bomber pride! You get two chances to beat them, please win at least one of them!

Riders 05 Champs
Bombers 06 Champs

Will do, finally, I rider fan that cares!!!


...We could put some 'hurt' on Bucky....their O line is just a little suspect....and our D is just a little snarly....its time for us to step up and show that we belong in this league....goBombers.... :twisted:

O-line a little suspect???? That O-line has been suspect all year.

Just like I told the Rider fans on their forum last week..... Here's the recipe to beat the Lions.

(1)Put presure on our QB's. The O-line stinks. Oh, the stats only say 5 sacks from Friday night, but they didn't count the number of times Dickenson and Pierce got thumpped after they had released the ball.

(2)Give the ball to Charles Roberts...a lot. Check out when Calgary gave BC a run for their money, Joffery Reynolds ran well. First game against the Riders, Kenton Keith got over 100 yards.

(3)Make us kick Field goals, chances are O'Mahoney will screw them up.

Seriously, if you can execute the first two, you have a good chance of handing us our third loss.

Hopefully, we'll find a place kicker and maybe an O-lineman before Thanksgiving.'s refreshing to hear a guy tell it like it is and point out the problems with their team....even if we improve our deficiences and play our 'A''s going to be tough to beat the Lions.....should be a good game though.... :arrow:

I've offered to help Wally, but he never returns my phone calls...LOL

It's so easy to be an armchair coach, beer and chips on hand, but I guess in the perfect world it's different.

We dont need yer stinkin help we are going to the CUP anyways
MUHAHAHAHA.... GO RIDERS!!!!!>.............. ........ ..... Whew... sorry bout that... the head of the Rider Fan collective (7of11)was thinking that and... well......EVERYONE knows we are all connected.. :lol:
SLURPEES FOR ALL..since Winnipeg is the SLurpee capital!!!

As one Bomber fan put it...I hate the Riders..But I dont want them to have a bad team because of the rivalry....I echo those same sentiments about the Bombers :slight_smile:

Good Luck Bombers

Thanx Dentor who is 7 OF 11 , Every Bomber fan will be wishing all the best to the big, once bad, and soon to be very good Bombers team...know matter how much we hate the rider's.

Yup...RIders Suck......

I am a bomber fan througha nd through, but the Riders have punished us most of the year, and are ona 5 game win streak. I am going to be at the game when the bombers beat the Lions. but don;t go around trashig a team with better stats, and a better record.

Sounds pretty perfect to me Sporty......and we can always turn it off if we dont like what is happening to our team.......

glad you guys can turn it off.when things go bad...I guess I'm a bit of a masochist...I just sit there taking in every bit of the glaring mistakes and bad play....and suffer in silence....hoping things get better next time out... :roll:

Riders are my team and Lions are my second team since I grew up in B.C. and I hate the Bombers and all there know it all fans. So I say Lions please destroy the Bombers! Riders will finish 2nd

Gee, and here I thought EVERYONE hated the Argos...


There’s always room to hate other teams as well. :slight_smile:

Hate’s such a strong word… maybe loathe is better… if I did indeed spell loathe right. :slight_smile: If not, hopefully someone will correct me, or at least know what I meant to say.

It’s correct… :smiley:

Dentor, I don’t know what the fuck you just said.

hate.....loathe.....I prefer the Bombers do that on the playing field when they play your teams.......with a whole lot of good sportsmanship thrown in of course.... :lol:

Uh we kinda lost to Montreal, so in order for us to get first the Bombers HAVE to beat BC twice. Go Bombers GO!

It's in the bag, mate, don't worry. :wink: