Plays of the Week

Everyone seems to be talking about the Tisdale TD from the Edmonton/Hamilton game (which was an amazing play), but no one seems to be talking about Joffrey Reynolds' stretch dive for a TD. I'd say that play was equally great. Two great plays in one week!

You have to have Yurichuk's 'dribble' in there as well. Very few guys would know enough about the CFL game to make that play on the spur of the moment like that. It was fun as hell to watch too. We were all on our feet at BC Place I can tell you that.

Bishop KO’ing himself became an instant classic on our PVR…

You now reminded me of the Argo's / Als TSN Turning point, in which they show Ben Cahoon making a nice diving catch which he actually drops but hides nicely on the replay. I had to rewind it and watch it again, he definitely dropped it :slight_smile:

After taking 3 steps, hitting the ground, and rolling over.

Ya that was great thinking on his behalf , to bad that the play should have been called dead as soon as the BC lion player touched it. didn't think it made any difference to the game though .

It was close, you could probably make a case either way I just thought it was funny that they named it the Turning point. On a casual glance you probably wouldn't even see the ball popping out, he hid it well.

If you ask me......the turning point was the National Anthem

i know the play i'm going to talk about here wasn't all that important, but i thought it was really cool. Barron Miles' PAT block, that was awesome the way he hurdled the Snapper and then when he landed on the ground he didn't even take a step, it was like jumping on a trampoline, he just sprung himself into the kick.

But my favourite play was the "sweet" as Geoff Tisdale called it.

yup, funny how a referee's screw up can be a play of a game!

Yurichuk's dribble was completely legal. Whatever happened after he did it doesn't matter. I'm saying the dribble itself was a brilliant play.

If you want to pick on a call or non-call being the POW, then there was no more blatant that the missed hold by Goodspeed tackling Peach on the game winning drive of the Hamilton/Edmonton game. An absolutely brutal missed call that resulted in a touchdown, if the correct call was made it would have pushed Hamilton out of fieldgoal range, instead they are gifted the game winning touchdown.

crap happens! things are missed all the time, like the two illegal blocks on Edmonton when Jackson returned that kick for a TD vs Saskatchewan!

My pick has to be the BC player at the end of the ssk vs bc game who jumped over the ssk oline to block the point after never ever have i seen that i swore he could have been offside but after seeing replays that was the best timed jump in history amazing

that's why he's one of the best Safety's in league history.

...I agree, in fact I'm surprised this play hasn't received more attention as it could've been a critical point he saved, and besides that it was an outstanding act of athletisism....

Can't you come up with one original thought of your own rather than bring up something that happened 3 weeks ago.

...that is asking a lot...

oh c'mon, maybe i should complain about all holding the esks were doing on Special Teams that wasnt called leading to big returns by Edmonton and great field position numerous times.

It might be because he's done it a couple times before. It's an amazing show of athletics for sure though.

That one made him the all time CFL blocked kick leader with 13 career blocks.