Plays of the Week 2023 Season

A point I forgot to mention. Grant’s play also had the most impact on the game result.


the Ti-Cats over-celebrating a TD and chirping the Argos in garbage time was the farce of the week.

Look no further back than week 1. Demerio Houston made a similar tip-toe catch (interception). Like you said, they happen every week, sometimes a DB, sometimes a receiver. What the Hamilton receiver did was good, what Grant did was amazing. No comparison.


You can see catches as good or better than that every week in the OSFL U18 leagues every week.


More than just Matt Shiltz?


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I can honestly say I haven’t seen any of those though.

You could also argue with a straight face that Godwin’s catch was better.


it was definitely better IMO. BLM’s throw was way off target.

not even that close IMO




can’t even find Ternowski’s catch on youtube

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love re-watching Grant’s TD. seen the others once and don’t really need to see again.

Bombers are like, “nah we don’t even need to block for him…”

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Sloppy tackling doesn’t do it for me, especially when a lot of them are only in the league due to the ratio.

more like they just couldn’t catch him. garbage time hightlights don’t do it for me :wink:

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They had a hand on him 4 times

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Not surprising that Gizmo doesn’t consider the return to be as good as his best but he calls it “in there”. I called it top 10.

However you want to rank it clearly it was the play of the year so far and a nice catch, the likes of which we see most weeks, isn’t in the same ballpark in my opinion.

You might see the play I liked most weeks because Zach scores 5 touchdowns every game. I saw 5 field goals and one average touchdown.

Here are Stavros Katsantonis’s INTs of Week 1:

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What’s your play of the week?:

  • Sutton INT and run back for the TD
  • Cornelius to Brown TD
  • Maier to Henry TD
  • Doege to Forbes-Mombleau TD
  • Peters goal-line strip + Robertson fumble recovery run
  • Other (specify)

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This endzone toss from Collaros to Agudosi didn’t make the list and wasn’t a scoring play, but I think it deserves some recognition:


I have a feeling that years from now when Deoge is sitting atop the CFL passing charts and gunning for his third MOP award in a row that we’ll circle back to this unlikely last minute hail Mary pass-tip-catch-run TD play in garbage time as the beginning of something big.