Plays of the Week 2023 Season

Here are the Week 1 plays of the week:

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Which is your play of the week?

  • Rolan Milligan INT
  • BLM to Tim White TD catch
  • Rolan Milligan tackle and Riders D goalline stand
  • Zac Collaros to Nick Demski TD catch
  • Tyler Cornelius to Geno Lewis TD catch and run
  • Other

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I voted other for the Damario Houston interception.


Not a bad choice. A bit of a weird play, but super crucial to the outcome.

Edit: Wrong Houston INT, but still enjoy the play. The real play in question is down a few posts.


I actually meant the one this last week on the sideline. Same QB though.

D’oh. I just googled Demario Houston interception. Should’ve paid closer attention, lol.

Is this the one? 51 seconds in.

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Based on plays only, and not how they figured into the outcome, I had to vote for the Lewis TD. Long pass, right coverage, and taking it to the house.

The 3 Riders plays from their one in the 4th. Anything else being discussed is 4th and onward.

It’s tough to choose, as I think we often look for outstanding individual effort for POTW, but yeah that goalline stand was immense (and really it was 3 plays combined rather than just 1 play).

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Was watching with a buddy and called pick as Mitchell threw that ball. :joy::joy:

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Good plays by the Riders. Those were awful play calls by the Edmonton coaching staff

Week 2 POTW

This should be an easy consensus, but what’s your pick for top play of Week 2:

  • Trevor Harris bomb to Tevin Jones
  • Chad Kelly TD run
  • Matt Shiltz TD pass to Tyler Ternowski
  • Terry Godwin one-handed grab
  • Janarion Grant punt return TD
  • Other (specify)

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Perhaps a better poll would be for second-best play of Week 2. Any other plays worthy of consideration for #2?

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Tyler Ternowski was the play of the week from my perspective. Grant has a lot of touchdowns on punt/kick returns and is expected. Ternowski making the effort to get his toe in the end zone won me over.


Grant’s TD run. none of the others are close.


I’d have to agree. The punt return was amazing but there was also a lot of really sloppy tackling attempts that contributed. The catch while keeping the toe in showed incredible concentration.


Grant ran through the whole Sask cover team with little or no blocking help and broke multiple tackles while doing so. he was almost down before he even turned the corner. the last cutback while he was clearly gassed was ridiculous. that play totally deflated the riders.

the Ternowski play happened after the game was mostly out of reach.


It was a nice catch for sure but we see nice catches like that almost every week.

Grant’s return was one for the ages, the best I have seen in many years. It would probably make a list of the top 10 all time punt returns.

On almost any return you can say that there was poor tackling and you could also say there was poor pass defence on Ternowski’s catch because the defender didn’t knock him out of bounds while he was in the air. I prefer not to look at either of those plays that way.

Also Ternowski made one nice play. Grant made several nice plays on the same return.


i agree 100% and i’m not a Bomber fan.

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Maybe in the past but with the talent drain that is going on, they aren’t as frequent and we’ll be seeing less and less of them. I haven’t glanced at the Saskatchewan kick team starters but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were former U-Sports players. It’s hardly surprising that he would cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

you mean in the past when there was more than one star QB in the league?

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