We dont need know stinkin playoffs.

Really, so far this yr none of the bottom 4 teams have shown any reason why they should even get to visit in a playoff game, and Sask and WPG are questionable as to if they should be in playoffs either.

I am thinkin that if the rest of the season goes like it has so far, they should just have BC(or west first place) and MOnt play a best of 3 for the cup.

5-2 and they are questionable?

Its why they play the regular season,

Remember last year Footbal you bet? We got off to an 11-0 start and crashed and burned in the second half.

Don't go planning early parade routes. Leave the parade route planning to the selected Bomber and Rider posters.

Notice I said selected not all!

I think right down main street Winnipeg will be fine! :lol:

FYB, I'm am sending you to the year 1986! glad you said selected...picked up on it right away in the bold black think people who plan parade routes 1/3 way through the season are just a little pre-mature...these standings can be very volatile ...especially in the stands out as a run away......and there's still a slim chance the Als could get caught....i did say SLIM...

Hey Papa, whats to say that Montreal do the same thing we did last year? Heck, injuries play a huge part too! Just look at our game on Thursday as our backups go at it.

By the way, the radio reported that Dickenson was taken in for X-rays on that ankle. It may be worse than first diagnosed!

;;;kind a figured that by the way he was limping...teams always play the injuries football...I knew D.D. was fragile....but i didn't think Glenn was brittle as well....they both looked like they took 'out of the ordinary' type hits...but heh....when you get rolled on...or someone misses a block and they get a free's a tough game....i hear that Joseph is on the limp as well...and if they're playing that down in Sask. ...look for Crandell to start their next one... :roll: :o

actually, I am no so much braggin on BC as lamenting how pathetic the rest have been.

As for Winnipeg, they havent beaten anyone worth anything yet and have lost to one of the bottom dwellers.

heh heh, I am not surprised you dont wish to remember the bomber 3rd loss :stuck_out_tongue:

note that I said (or west first place)

just as long as you dont send me to the year 1988...shudder

I don't know, Bombers won the Grey Cup by out kicking game, so not a bad idea.

naah. In 88, Matt and or the idiot temporary head coach of the lions handed the game to the bombers as an early christmas present. Probably cause they knew it be a long time til they won it again, heh heh :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I stand corrected 5-3 but I am not a bomber fan ya know


Just remember FYB, that the Riders have taken 2 out of three from the Lions so far... dont get too cocky or you might just have to eat your words come the end of the season...

yeah, 2 years is a long time. :roll: we won it again, for the last time at the moment, in 1990.

The way the QB's are going down, it sure makes it hard to figure out where teams will end up. If DD is out for a while who knows what Pierce would do as a starter. Remember Wynn as a relief then starter? Things might start to shake down after 12 games.

sigh, tis a sign of age me boy, tis a sign of age.

Oh well, I knew the last time they won was somewhere around then. My memory of events around then is even worse than usual for some reason. I think I must have experienced some kinda a trauma that took a few yrs to wear off. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats why I get a chuckle when people plan parade routes and the season isn't even half way done.