Playoffs !

We are in and only need to win 3 games.Its highly doable.I don’t see any prohibitive favorites .We can beat them all. My biggest worry is Lapo getting to cute again. If he game plans to our strengths there is no reason why we can’t break the streak. This is it, this is the year.

Biggest thing i want to see is us come out fighting. If both lines are physical & out muscle their opponents we win. Oline to be bullies & give Harris a ton of blocks. DLine being a thorn on BLM all night.

Just gotta hope the secondary doesn’t give up the big play too often! Lets Go Blue! 3 games too go!

We need to be tough and give no quarter. Each game is 60 mins. Play every minute.

There is no point in going over how and why we got to this point. We need to play like our lives depended on it. WE CAN DO IT !


…I have to agree Dan…we have the talent to do it…BUT do we have the right coaching…As far as I’m concerned the weakest part of our team is where Bo Levi excels…picking apart the secondary…Unless Hall changes his schemes and the ‘bend but don’t break’ horsepoop…we’re in a lot of trouble…I just have to go back to games where teams marched at will and that was the reason we coughed up a couple of wins that would have made all the difference in our season…Like you say though…we can’t cry over spilled milk…it is what it is…we have Cal …in Cal. where it’s very difficult to win…Can we do it…all of, or most of, the pundits say no…I hope to hell we prove them wrong because this team will be in for a total tear down if we don’t…I think Collaros can be the big difference maker if we can keep him upright…Go get em BIGBLUE

Has there been any world on where Streveler is at , recovery wise ?

…Well he’s not in another world (sorry about that aulcee)…O’Shea keeping things pretty close to his vest…no word on Streve as yet

Lol, spell check and my crappy old fingers make for some interesting combinations. ?

Strev is in another world all by himself… He’s a wrecking ball. Defence players get hurt tackling him. I like it.

So, AH tested positive on July 12 and the League announced it on August 26.
Maybe No’Shea should get our MLB on some of AH’s tainted creatine??
C’mon, I’m laughing.