Yeh I'm not sure either.
Interestingly enough an Edmonton/Saskatchewan Grey Cup would be imo the best Grey Cup spectacular this season end.....Yeh I know lets see what happens today in Regina??

I know there is little I this one....cant take these many penalties in the playoffs or they are 1 and done

My thoughts exactly!! I will say this, Bridge is starting to look like he could be a future QB here, Jones needs to seal him up quick, hate to see him go elsewhere now. That throw to Hollie WOW!! He's young there will be mistakes, but all QB's go through them. He reminds me of another Reily.

He was chucking some that I really shook my head at and he needs to stop that 25 yard retreat but he is overall looking good.

I was meh in the game win or lose...2 best RB and WR not playing. Also...Buttler was the best DB for a few having him back will be huge.

Did Johnson come back in?

How did Mays look?

Really really concerned about LaBatte....i think he will be done

With respect to bridge, don’t forget Edmonton game Reilly a season to figure the game out. 3-15 I think they were, so bridge could be a good one with the right time on the field, sure wouldn’t want to start over with someone else who’s not proven.

Heard through the grape vine that Labatte has a broken bone in his foot. Not good. I hope our O-Line can get this worked out for Ott. and play well.

I hope J. Johnson can play as well.

Ottawa will be a tough, tough game.

Richardson was apparently in a boot... big blow if Labatte is out 1. because he's their best lineman and 2. because this could mess up the ratio... Any word on Marshall or Roosevelt? Johnson?

"Interestingly enough an Edmonton/Saskatchewan Grey Cup would be imo the best Grey Cup spectacular this season end" by GC Bound

Wouldn’t that be something? I agree. Given the way the Esks and Roughriders went at each other in their season finale, to meet up again in the Grey Cup would be fabulous! I think all CFL fans would be in for real treat. Both of teams would be great contenders and to face off against each other in the Grey Cup would be as they say in CFL slang, taking it down mainstreet!

Richardson healed hellafast.

Marshall practicing as well

What about Roosevelt and Johnson?

Roosevelt was practicing...I can't recall on Johnson TBH but I can confirm he was acting fine that night and the next afternoon and said it was just precaution

note that neither Richardson nor Marshall are assurances of playing yet...they were participating though.

If Richardson and Marshall are good to go, who sits?

Thigpin, Marshall, Richardson, Morris (Nat), LaFrance (Nat)

They have to dress Morris and LaFrance I'm assuming due to ratio. I'm guessing whoever is healthiest between Richardson and Marshall gets plays, the other sits. Thigpin likely sits as well?

For receiver, Carter, Bagg (Nat), Roosevelt, Owens, Holley, Grant... Gonna be hard to get them all on the roster. Unless Duron goes to defense for this game.

Agreed....I think only one of Richardson and Marshall will be deemed healthy enough. Assuming that LaBatte is out, which it sounds like he is, then LaFrance will most definitely dress. Morris will dress. Jones might sit over Thigpen because Thigpen seems to fit into the O more as a utility player and can do returns....I would hate to sit Jones but it might happen. One of Holley/Owens likely sits...likely Holley. They will also probably dress Getz or Stanford. They will need 2 national threats as if BL is out they will play 2 national WR at times and when only one is in LaFrance comes in. I think there is an outside chance Bladek starts. I know it is being discussed....but it is a ballsy call for a playoff game. Radford will also dress at national WR...too good on teams to take out.

Thursday practice will likely be a lot more telling of where things land.

LaBatte practiced today, won't likely play

I hope he is good to go for the East Finals, 'cause we are winning East semi.

I hope so

Unfortunately, the staff asked the few that were permitted into practice not to say much. Pretty restrictive on what they were permitting to get out there on looks. They have been really controlling what gets out there this week. I was surprised that they released that Carter was lining up as a WR this week.

It looks like they have set the roster. LaBatte is out, Dennis is in on the oline.

LaFrance will start tailback, Thigpen and Morris will back up.

Chad Owens to start over Caleb Holley who will back up. It'll be interesting to see if Holley is a scratch for tomorrow's game.

Only about 21 hours left... it's been a long time coming for some playoff ball around here.

Roosevelt back and they are playing Carter at WR.

Not really a lot of surprises there. Jones said the healthiest bodies would start and while there are a few "could go" players out there this is pretty much how I thought it would look...I thought that we might see one other RB on an outside chance....they are missing that pounding RB...hope that is not an issue.

Yeah wouldve been nice to see Marshall or Richardson in. They should be able to get a bit of a running attack going regardless. If they beat Ottawa I think I would expect to see one of the two back against Toronto as they have a tougher front 7.

We have to be more consistent than we have been if we want to move thru Ottawa. They will have their crowd in it, they want to be host for the big party this year and we won't have our best ground game on the field. I'm not nearly as concerned at QB so much as I am on the ground.