All of the sudden with Winnipeg tanking and getting dinged up, that collapse a couple weeks ago against Ottawa looks like it could have cost us a home playoff game.

That's all I was thinking when Trevor Harris was moving the sticks so easily in the last few minutes.

Could say that about almost all of their losses though (Banjo Bowl, BC loss and One Calgary loss being the exceptions). No use looking back, just continue to ride the momentum forward.

What is concerning is that in the Ottawa game this was a game that meant much for the playoffs scenario and we didn't rise to the occasion and protect a healthy lead. Those earlier games weren't definitive if any playoff implication yet.

On Friday against a very bad team, we made many errors again - all stuff that's easily avoidable but yet we did it.

We need to look back at all the missed opportunities in crucial games and clean that shit up otherwise we won't get past any semi final.

Now with a Winnipeg loss and Rider Win against Eskimos next weekend, we end up with 3 way tie 11-7 and 22 points,
Very nice for this season.
And as far as I can see the Riders are just peaking.
Let the playoffs begin!!

For sure. Also gotta recognize this team stole a couple late victories as has balanced out really

who gets the home game and who crosses over ?

IF there is a 3-way (11-7 tie) for 2nd in west:

Wpg would get 2nd place because they beat us in pts scored

Edmonton would get crossover because we beat them in pts scored

Riders would get 3rd in west. We aren't in a position to do better than that.

True enough. This one's just fresh in my mind because of how they dominated most of that game.

It will be interesting next week...If the Bombers drop to the Stamps then the Esks will be playing for a whole lot more than the Riders...home playoff game if they win. Riders are on the road either way so may have fewer teeth in it. IMO of the 4 west teams and the way each is playing at the moment the Esks and Riders are most likely to topple the Stamps. Bombers are getting their season injuries at the wrong time.

So we're like every team in the history of any sport?

tee hee...... I know what you are saying but that is a general rule/scenario that plays out for any sports team.....

Suddenly playing in the west doesn't seem that scary now with all the injuries in Winnipeg. Calgary will still be favoured but they've been exposed as well.

Ottawa is playing better ball right now than Winnipeg imo and Trestman/Ray are always pretty good in the playoffs

I'd like to stay west

I like that there will be no meeting of the Esks in a divisional at any point lol
The one game I would like to avoid is Winnipeg in Winnipeg...but it is tough to say with them right now...if bodies are healthy they are a tough team...if it holds that Flanders, Bond, Harris, Leggit are all out and Nichols is still not 100%...another story. Good team, shallow depth. Note that Harris says he is a o k...we shall see.

I like that there will be no meeting of the Esks in a divisional at any point lol
The one game I would like to avoid is Winnipeg in Winnipeg.

That is funny, it is EXACTLY what I said to a buddy of mine today. If we end up staying in the West I sure hope the Bombers are hurting....going into the Bombers' house, against a healthy Bomber team would be my very last choice of options. That stadium gives them a very good home field advantage, much like ours does for our team.

It all comes down to Winnipeg's game on Friday night. If they win they seal 2nd place. If they lose, Edmonton has a chance. For me, it comes down to who is playing well right now.

Consider games played since week 16. Calgary has a 2-2 record losing the last 2. If Winnipeg clinches home field on Friday night, with a banged up team, Calgary will have lost 3 in a row going into a bye to the Western final. I think Calgary gets their excrement in line and makes a statement against a banged up Winnipeg team. When was the last time Calgary lost 3 in row?

Edmonton is 4-1 in their last 5 and healthy again. Riders are 4-1 in their last 5 and surging to the point of arrogance. Strange thing about Saturday's game is the Riders have nothing to play for except a trip to Winnipeg vs the East, depending on the Friday night game. Edmonton, considering Calgary wins, have a chance to host the semi. If this scenario happens, bet that Jones lines up a team of players he wants a look at. It's going to be a nothing game and he won't give a flying fornication if he wins or loses. As playoffs unfold, Edmonton will waltz to the Grey Cup.

Riders will head to the east for playoffs, might steal a game but I don't see us emerging for the Grey Cup. We still have to mature. West has never crossed over and represented anyway. Too bad - Edmonton vs Sask might be a great Grey Cup.

When was the last time Calgary lost 3 in row? 2007, last time they had a losing record and when the Riders knocked them out in a thriller...where the Stamps had <1min and down by 2 recovered the onside kick but were offside...and started a habit of losing to the Riders in the playoffs for a stint...I will never forget that opening play and DJ going to the house and a near crushing on the sideline celebration. They lost 3 times twice that season, Riders were a part of one of them. If not for the Bombers choking they would have lost 7 in a row. 2012 since they lost 2 in a row

We are at the 'never say never' stage of the CFL season.

Nobody saw Ottawa stomping the Stamps last GC, and nobody thought Patriots could come back and win Superbowl 2017.

All I'm comfortable predicting is that I think we will be competitive in the playoffs. Go RIDERS!

I will also add a couple of points on the East right now...

  • The Riders are 1-1 against Ottawa
  • points differential of ZERO...losing by 1, winning by one.
  • Ottawa is 7-3 down the stretch
  • Of their 9 losses FIVE are by 3 points or less, SEVEN are by 4 points or less, and only one is by more than a major (>ONE score)
  • Some of that stretch was with Harris out, including their only loss by >1 score.
  • They are hosting the cup. They will be jacked and so will the crowd.
  • They have just had 2 byes, and potentially get a 3rd. That might cause some rust, but they will be very well rested.


  • While Wilder did well against the Riders last go, he is so much more integrated into that O
  • When their D is on, they are one of the best, arguably the best...when they are on
  • I still don't see the Argos as a top end contender, so I am not going to hype offense to the is amazing what they have done in a season where they had late hires and with Ray, anything can happen by all means
  • Could likely see a 50/50 crowd there

The Edmonton game?
This season has been a definite progression and shows the Riders a contender in any game however, I still get this feeling that winning still seems to be on this fine line between winning or blowing it....which Rider team is going to show up???
For me, with Edmonton and Winnipeg being the 2 hottest teams in the CFL, at this stage in the season, I'd rather not play against either.
Better chance crossing over, but then again if they win every game they play, its all Academic.

Winnipeg is hot? They have lost 3 of their last 5 and the last one was against a team resting got the playoffs that really did not show up.

We won't be seeing the Riders face the Esks unless it is in the GC...that ship sailed a few weeks ago.

as for so? there is a 0 point spread with a win and a loss against the Redblacks and the Riders would be playing in their home with the biggest crowd they have ever had...expanded seating. Idunno...that is not a great situation.

The Stamps havent scored an O TD on the Riders in a couple of games. Playing the bombers in their house is not super appealing...but it does let the team practice at home for a few days. Nichols is also banged up and their best OLman is out as well as one of their better secondary guys

A month ago I would said go east...not so sure about that now.