we can still do it!!

:roll: No.

Sure they could. Ticats would need to win their last 4 games 3 of them on the road against Montreal, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg
while weenypeg goes 1 and 3. Argos wouldn't matter. But can the Ticats go 4-0 with 3 games on the road. Possible but highly unlikely.

The playoff hopes are definitely in the air tonight. :wink:

So just to clarify, the majority dont want to fire everybody anymore?

Here is the scenario for the play-offs

Toronto needs to beat Winnipeg this weekend
Toronto then loses the rest of their games
Winnipeg loses all of their remaining games
We win 3 out of 4 and take second
end result:
Cats with 6 wins
TO and Winterppeg with 5 wins.
if we win all 4, then we will let WPG and TO win one more, Wait, no the Argos are not allowed to win anymore this year. We don't like them.

The last game vs The Peg could be very interesting and VERY important. Let's hope so.

one game at a time. Just catching the Argos would be a victory for the year. Hey, speaking of firing people, can we keep the team and fire Crash? lol. Just kidding Crash. Don't want to start a war with you. oh ya, apology accepted over the moron comment. Oh wait, you didn't apologize,...yet!

I said Moronic attitude... different than calling you a moron.

Having said that if you took that as me calling you a moron, i do apologize... but im going to defend our starting QB against the lynch mob until the team DOES fire me... and based on the attendance the last 2 home games theres no way they'll be firing fans :slight_smile:

Still looks bleak now, but a win next week and a Winnipeg loss and it's alot more likely.

Just wait till the next game when the ticats tank, the lynch mob will be out in full force.

They never left.

Hey PhilCollins! do you remember that hit you had in the 80's - "Against all odds" ???

On behalf of the entire Lynch Mob, we resent our name being used in vain.Perhaps a well attended public hanging would be more appropriate.
Pat LYNCH(the old guy in section 7 ) :slight_smile:

Watching my Als lose, I couldn't help but notice the lucky bounces the TiCats were getting. Then I thought, who has been getting all the lousy breaks over the past couple of seasons? The TiCats. I am never happy about an Als loss. But it sure is great to see Hamilton get a win that was long overdue.

Thank you it was a hard game both sides played well.

I accept your apology Crash. I did take it personally. I try to understand, respect and respond in a logical ( yes, sometimes emotional) way. My opinion is based on what I see and so I would expect a certain level of respect as I try to show others. You can disagree all you want but try to do it in a respectful way.
We will see who is the QB of the future as the weeks go by. Your money is on Printers, mine is on Porter.

Slow down there turbo... i didnt say anything about Printers being the QB of the future, this all started over the notion that 1.5 good games by Porter means Printers should be instantly scrapped and sold for parts.

I have no preference as to who the QB of the future is, nor do I put money on either one. I want to see Printers succeed since we invested the time and money into him, but if its Porter? And he takes us to the playoffs... im happy.

Big difference between putting your money on someone, and being sick of the fanbase constantly attacking the starting QB.

LOL....Yeah, I was taking this advice at "Face Value".