just a quiestion, Do we still stand a chance… like at all, and if so how possible is it? in a percentage here lol… the chances that is… and what would we have to do, to get there?

well, the ticats need to win thier 3 remaining games against BC, winnipeg and BC....that will give them a record of 7-11

and the bluebombers have to lose every game they have left against montreal, montreal, hamilton, calgary, BC...then they finish 6-12

so i guess its possible for winnipeg to lose all thier games, the question is: can the ticats beat BC 2ice?

We only have to win 2 of 3 to finish tied with Winnipeg, we would then have the season series on them and an Edmonton crossover.

if winnipeg loses all their games to finish 6-12 hamilton could lose 1 game and tie winnipeg and would get the playoff position because of beating winnipeg twice

nice, thanks man for the heads up, seems possible but then again it seems pretty imposible, who knows! its bin a crazy year :slight_smile:

thanks Drummer

off topic:
did tay cody just join the ticats this season?

if so, was it midway?

tay cody came from edmonton along with brock ralph in the troy davis trade last season

so the defence is looking promising for next season with cotton, cheatwood, cody, and gordon.

And at the time all the so called experts thought it was one of the worst trades in league history and thought it was an under the table deal for Maas. As it turns out Edmonton is the team that got shafted.

Playoffs!!? (Jim Mora impersonation)

This team does not deserve to be in the playoffs.

a problem with hamilton, is every year they are always waiting to get guys back from NFL camps....and they dont come back until after labour-day....

hopefuly that will be different next season.

yeh, hopefully we can stick with out roster the whole year instead of all the movements and new faces, we need these guys to grow together

The playoffs aren’t probable, but I like Hamilton’s chances better than Edmonton’s now! :lol:

especially since hamilton is tryin to pass a struggling winnipeg squad, and still have a chance to take the season series…

where as, edmonton is chasing a very good sask team.

so if the alsa beat winnepeg tonight we still have a chance? if they win we r finshed?