Please don't be hating on me because of this question and don't laugh either, but are we eliminated from the playoffs yet? Mathmatically I mean.

After last night's loss, any combination of Winnipeg wins and Tiger-Cat losses adding to three(3) puts us out..(if I'm not mistaken)

Winnipeg plays today....

(including today, Winnipeg has 7 games left and we have 5)

Dang!.....Winnipeg won today....

So the magic number is down to (2).....(any combination of Winnipeg wins and Hamilton losses totalling (2) and we're out...

Winnipeg has 6 games remaining and Hamilton has 5 games remaining...

sighhhhh...onwards to 2007!

let's have fun anyhow! :rockin:

This year or next?

It could be fun if they would show us the other QB's.

Yeah, that may be fun too depending on how GM Desjardins wants to do his evaluations....but seriously, I've made my mind up to just enjoy the last five games as a fan......knowing that next year will be better....

why stress?....we still have games to enjoy..

.....well, that's my approach anyways :cowboy:

bring on the beer...and cheering girls.

when it really comes down to it , it's the only reason we go anyway. :slight_smile: