playoffs vs Lions

How are people expecting the Riders 2 play on Sunday?

I expect both teams to go full out! It's play-offs, win or go home season over. I think the Riders will win this one, at home, in the cold ( no dome to stay warm in ) but it will be close. If the Riders can get Sheets going and the run games go as it should it will allow DD to find those targets when he throws! The D will come pumped and perform as always! With the O line back to what we started with DD will have that time, sheets will have those holes. I can't wait for this game!! :rockin:

I agree the run game will be key for both teams. Logan looked good against the stamps and the last game against the Eskimos the option play that the Eskimos used seemed to be effective against our D. Look for BC to try using this tactic of a qb option with Logan and Harris. It is imperative to hold BC on the ground early and make them one dimensional.
As I mentioned Logan and Harris did look good against the Stamps but that was indoors where it was plus 10. That won't be the case come this game and Logan did put the ball on the ground a couple of times in the rain here. That would be ideal again if the Rider's D can force fumbles and picks especially fumbles but they must stop the run. Make Lulu throw if he plays and target hitting the shoulder.( yes it's sounds bad but this isn't practice or play time, it's for all the marbles) or Pierce air it out.
The Riders of course will also be looking and must establish the run game. I would love to see Sheets and Saunders both in at the same time lots in the first half and also use an option run/hitch screen. The O line, I'm really hoping will be as dominant as they were at the first of the season giving Durant the time to look for the 2nd or third read. This can also be done by establishing Sheets/Saunders/Durant option.
Bottom line is whoever wins the battle in the trenches probably wins the war and goes to Calgary. Yes really looking forward to this game and hope the Riders can pull it out. Bonus points for them dominating the Lions both scoreboard and physically. :cowboy:

If Getz is out and DD can go thru his reads and we use sheets, we should be fine.

any possibility at all of Sheets, Sanders and Garrett all getting on the field somehow ?

I believe Best will be the difference

Just re-watched the 2010 semi...BC @ SK...if it is anything like that, we all win as spectators!

Being from BC, I honestly don't see how this game will be close.

I really feel that SASK has the potential to win this game easily, and here are the reasons--

-SASK is playing at home and crowd and weather and intagibles should be in their favour-

-BC qb position is in the air, and without a solid QB you will not win a road playoff game vs a good home team.

Even with a healthy TRAVIS LULAY when he was in top form the LIONS still couldnt go on the road and win KEY GAMES vs other WESTERN teams-
LULAY's health and his rustiness combined with the fact that he is not that great leads me to believe if he starts the LIONS will lose-

If BUCK PIERCE starts this game will be over by halftime- PIERCE's struggles in Winnipeg were no fluke- Pierce had one quality start vs EDMONTON but that was because the EDMONTON players QUIT in the game and REED knew he was being fired - EDMONTON could not stop anyone down the stretch and basically QUIT in that game-

The pass rush will get to BUCK as BC's O LINE is not good- WHen that happens you will see PIERCE get sacked numerous times and some flat out terrible throws, and perhaps a few INTERCEPTIONS- PIERCE is just not that good-

You guys are right about LOGAN- The BC offense consists of LOGAN on the ground making HUGE PLAYS kind of like an ADRIAN PETERSON- REGGIE BUSH guy that can make a couple of GAME CHANGING PLAYS-
The passing game is pretty much all NICK MOORE and COURTNEY TAYLOR- Most passes go to these 2 players-

The BC secondary is among the worst in the CFL- The only thing that BC has on Defense is 2 all PRO LINEBACKERS in ELIMINEAN and BIGHILL- BANKS is not bad also -- The pass rush is nothing special-

BC's record is what it is- This is a MEDIOCRE team with a poorly prepared HEAD COACH that does not understand the X's and Os of football-
BC has many weak players on it and can be run all over as well-

I have followed this BC team all season and cannot see them winning this game-

SASK is a better team hands down- END OF STORY- They shuould win this game by a score of 34- 13

ALSO schematically the BC defense is a joke- THey are almost always in ZONE-- None of their dbs can play MAN COVERAGE-

You will never see a BC DB PLAY PRESS COVERAGE- Further to that you will never see a BC DB line up even 5 yards off the line of scrimmage-
The reason is because all of their secondary is old- Phillips, Marsh are well over 30 years old-

BC almost always plays BASE DEFENSE- There is little to no movement in their zones- They basically sit back and hope the pass rush gets to the QB, and forces the QB to throw hurried or before the receivers are open vs the zone-
If the SASK O line can protect I can promise you that receivers will be open-

One thing for sure is that BC is poorly coached and poorly prepared- I really feel SASK can win this game by halftime- This coaching staff of BC is no PRO material- They are more of like a mediocre CIS team level of coaching-

THE BETTER PREPARED TEAM WILL ALWAYS WIN A FOOTBALL GAME-- In this case I feel that SASK will be better prepared which will lead to a nice WIN-

Riders should win but in a close game. 26-22.

If Pierce starts, the Lions are smart. He is a darned good QB when he has the time, and he has shown that in limited action since departing the Bombers.

The weather is a non factor. Everyone always says that it will be, and it rarely is. For example...In 2010 they said this for the Lions, with Lulay, and he never missed a beat, taking it to OT.

The Lions have amazing skillsets catching the ball. Perhaps the best back in the CFL at receiving, plus Logan. If the BC O finds a grove they can be darned good.

On D, well, they are solid. Probably the best secondary, and perhaps the best LB in the game. as far as BC pass rush...I am not sure what guru is talking about. They are likely the least blitzing team in the CFL, and sit 6th in sacks. yeah, they sit back, but they are really not big on pressure...why, because they want the other team to throw into the best secondary in the game. Their open field tackling is second to none, and they give up the fewest yards per pass. They have given up the lowest yards passing and 2nd lowest rushing.

These teams are pretty even defensively, though I MIGHT give a slight edge to the Riders, mainly from being at home. If Good Durant and a decent Cortez show up, the Riders win this. Expect Best to lead the surge, and the run to go to that side lots. Heenan and Best pair up in a very special way, and they will be throwing some weight around in this game. I believe that missing Best was a big factor in the swing. He generally manages to get 2nd level push, and that is tough to replace.

Surprised Depop that you feel that PIERCE is a good QB when given the time-

He did little to nothing in Winnipeg in the last 2 years. If there is a pass rush he has terrible pocket precence and looks small in the pocket.

Bc does not have the best secondary in the CFL- Being from BC I have seen this secondary play and I rate them in the bottom half of the CFL, maybe Winnipegs secondary and Edmontons is poorer but every other team has a much better secondary.

Harris has been a non factor all year, best pass catching pass in the CFL? He has had success in the past but currently he is no threat from thebackfield to beat linebackers.
He is basicaly benched.

Did you guys watch ADARIUS BOWMAN vs BC in week 17? He was toying with our secondary- he had 150 yards receiving in the first qtr- He looked like a 7 foot man playing vs little kids out there- He was even yelling on the bench, they cant stop me, just throw me the ball- Same with STAMPS and DRESSLER- they always burn the lions badly-

The way DEPOP you are giving credit to BC is flattering but is not true- If BC was as good as you believe they are, they would have beaten CALGARY and SASK down the stretch, instead they lost at home to SASK and on road to SASK and at CGY-

Trust me when I tell you, this BC team is nothing special-

They are not a tough solid team like the RIDERS- You want PROOF? The last 2 games vs the Riders sum it up- They blasted BC and both games they won huge because they are a much better team-

BC is exactly IMO like the PIttsurgh Steelers of the NFL- A lot of hype on their defense, but in reality they are not a good unit-
Vs any TOP team, they almost always allow over 30 points- Vs SASK twice and CALGARY in weeks 14-17 they gave up more than 30 points-

THis is a very overrated BC team, they are not a cohesive unit, and all season long all they did is beat WINNIPEG and EDMONTON numerous times- Half of their wins were vs bottom teams-

Trust me when I tell you, this BC team is no threat to SASK this weekend-
As I said, SASK will win this game by MINIMUM of DOUBLE DIGITS

You rate BC as a bad secondary? Really? That is messed up dude.

You can't argue with an idiot Depop, he has never said anything that makes sense all alone believable. He's a troll period, only thing I agree is we should win this one. Only thing he has ever said that I believe to be true, but BC is a good team, regardless what he says!!

If the Riders can establish a solid run game, they win. I'm more hopeful of this now that we have Best back and healthy, so we have the same O-line that started the first half of the season and dominated. It's going to be cold, so a running game is key. We also need to hold onto the football. The last time BC came in and beat us at home in the playoffs we had fumbilitis with Bishop leading the charge.

Demarco has wilted against the Riders defensive pressure last time and did not look like he wanted any part of being in that game.
A very cold day at Mosaic on the prairies with the defense getting after the QB and if that QB is Pierce or Demarco I cannot see the Lions winning. If Buck Pierce thinks he is going to go down field to make Blocks in that cold he will not last a series.
Only chance for the Lions offense is if Lulay is much better than everyone suspects he is.

IF Bc secondary is available which player would you like on SASK? Dante Marsh, Josh Bell, Ryan Phillips, Jr Larose, Cord Parks- ALl of these guys would not make any other CFL team-

Wally has been lazy and has not replaced this secondary for a long time- They cannot play MAN-

Any secondary that cannot play man to man defense is not a good unit- ITs that simple=

With respect to gridiron guru, I'm a BC based Rider fan too and I'm seeing more advantages for the Lions in this one....

  1. Lions have momentum going in. They've known their opponent for some time and that they'd be travelling.
  2. They have a running game now. Riders haven't seen that from the Lions
  3. They have pent up revenge - bad outing last time they met - Lions will be looking for redemption.
  4. Lulay is back. Even if he doesn't start, he's available and that's enough.
  5. Riders are looking past this to Calgary.
  6. Riders have big pressure on them to win - Grey Cup in their own park.
  7. Lions had a closed practice today. No cameras, just loud speakers. They will show the Riders something they've haven't seem before other than a running game.
  8. Riders should have pounded Lions last time with 8 turnovers and 2 others called back. They didn't keep their foot on their throats.
  9. Riders finally showed a weakness in special teams last week and it cost them the game.
  10. Riders are fragile. If they turn the ball over early and get down 14-0 they will be in big trouble.
  11. More fragility.....if Sheets goes down in the first half with an injury, forget it.
  12. Is this the game Dwight Anderson finally shoots his mouth off enough to cost the Riders a big game? He's due for a major penalty and the football grim reaper wears a Rider jersey.

Hey, I want the Riders to win this game badly as I believe if they pull it off, it will lift them up to take on Calgary with confidence. But my money is on BC.

Never replace for a long time huh?
Rookie Cord Parks and his 6 INTs on the season would argue that. They would also argue that Man coverage is a viable option for him. I believe any team would take much potential.

Another rookie, NI Keynan Parker, I believe has a lot of potential, even though he sees limited action. He could easily turn into a ratio buster.

Cameron Chism is another rookie, import. Verdict is still out on him...simply too early to tell.

Joshua Bell...2nd year, well, he was good enough to stickaround the NFL for a few years. He is a great tackler and a big reason why the Lions give up fewest yards per catch in the CFL

Shell, well, he is kinda known as a shutdown guy...guess we are ignoring that. He is a second year Lion as well.

So, that is 5 guys Wally has picked up in the passed 2 seasons, supporting the fact that you are talking out of your arse and don't really have a clue.

Sure, Korey Banks career is entering it's twighlight, but he ais a top calibre guy. And before you say he is too old...he is the same age as Anderson. 32 is not a spring chicken in sports, but it is an age were a few more solid years can still easily be brought.

Then there is is Ryan Phillips, who is 30, almost 31...picking away at a HOF he garbage to? Really? Sure...nobody is going to trade for him at this stage of his career, but he is a game changer. These last 2 guys, they are a nightmare. OH, and Phillips has 9 INTs against Durant...just saying.

Fans hollering for willy but
DD actually finds an open receiver and we tie the game with a minute left to go, 13-13
the lions get close enough to attempt a field goal but it is wide and dresslar runs it out to the one yard line.
Riders win in overtime on a spectacular sheets run