Playoffs this year or Not

Playoffs, yeah, but .500 no.
Luckily, the Als are gonna stink this year.

We've had too much turnover, gaps remain and plus, we're coming off a 3 win year. We were bad and, arguably, we aren't much better.

I'll say, optimistically, we'll get 8 wins.

This year will be the year of the O-line.
The team who has the most veteran O-line
and it stays heathly will win the cup.
All Teams i think will be close this year
but the o-line will make the difference.
Where does that put the cats?
i say about the middle.If their pass
protection improves I would give them a
fighting chance at say second place or
that's a big if!!!!!

I am not worried about our o-line or our secondary. this season comes down to the play of the d-line and the receivers.

I think we will make the playoffs. We were going in the right direction all along with the moves Desjardins made
last year. This is the next step in the process of rebuilding...our former rookies now have that so important first year under their belts and will look great this year. Our OLine is going to look great...Dyakowski, Gagne-Marcoux, Hage.

To make the playoffs the following needs needed to be fixed:

size at db
interior pass rush
a pass blocking right tackle
speed at receiver
smarter specialteams players

I think for the most part these holes have been filled. This team is as physically talented as any in the league, they just lack overal experience, hopefully the coaches are good enough to make up for that.

Tell me how you can make a statement like "as physically talented"?

Lotta question marks on this team...might work out great...maybe not.

We dont have a clue what these new guys can do , so how can you make a prediction ?

If you want to base an offence on experiance as being the major criteria for success then yes we would struggle . I personally dont agree with this . Wasnt the BC Lion defence led by a rookie who won a major award last season ?? How do we know that one of our new recievers cant be the second coming of ( praise be his name !!!) Earl Winfield ?? We dont , so how can you make a prediction ?

The author of that article doesnt know what these guys can do, so of course he has to give us a failing grade . He has a 50 , 50 chance of being correct .

If our running game can be as good as it was before Jesse got hurt, would that not go a long way to improving our passing game ?? I dont care how good your passing game is , if you cant run the ball you cant pass it with any success either .

The level of Competition, gets better each season , imo, I dont think the TiCats are that bad, but the rest of the CFL is that good. IMO its imperative to get a win first game of the Year, and one game at a time after that. If that happens a Wildcard crossover to play the Stamps would do nice.-

Hmmmmm The ti cats Competing for west title ????
Never thought of that ..
That cause the West is so much better then east .
3 Good Teams and one so so team

BC Top Team in the West and CFL.
Calgary is the Next best on Paper
Saskchewan Will They take a Step back?
Edmonton is the wild card who knows with them

Chance for Birth out west are slim

Of course Sask got worse. Are you kidding they have no q.b, no running game, lost a very good coach, they'll be lucky to win 6 games. Tillman always does this after he wins a grey cup and obviously he never learns his leason.

They're going to rely on a horrible qb like Crandel to throw 40 times a game? Good luck Sask, I'm so glad we didn't hire Tillman 2 years ago. The only reason they won the cup was because he was able to take advantage of Marcel not knowing what he was doing. It was like a sober man taking advantage of a girl who had 12 to many beers.

Tillman always does this after he wins a grey cup and obviously he never learns his leason.
I'm so glad we didn't hire Tillman 2 years ago
I would take the cup and take my chances on what he does the next year. A cup followed by a bad year is better than just bad years.