Playoffs this year or Not

IMO To Make the Playoffs
The Ticats need to be 500 or Better
In the 1st half of the season
Anything Less Means very little Chance of a Playoff Game.

What to you all think.


Yes, I think they can make the playoff but how about we let camp atleast start before talking about it.

I can see the 'Cats finishing with an 8-10 record good for 3rd in the East ahead of Montreal.

Will be good enough for a "Cross-Over". I don't really see Saskatchewan or Edmonton being better than Hamilton this season.

Don't come down too hard on me at the end the season if I am out in left field!!:slight_smile:

PS I also predict the 'Cats will finally beat my Argos, in Toronto on July 3rd....they gotta win one sometime....

i think they will sqeak into the playoffs but if they do i probably wont be able to afford tickets the following season so im hoping they dont so i can get the rebate but that aside i hope they make it

If they get lucky with some new recruits and our new coaches get in the grove we might be knocking on the door. :wink:

I'm just going to watch all games till Labour Day as if they are pre-season, and with the Argo game as the first of the season. It'll take till then to realize any momentum and/or cohesion.

Saying that, I am really confident as to the prospects for this year. I've always respected Obie, and to me he's been the best signing in years! :thup:

Go 'Cats

Not unless some other team falls on their face. Way too much turnover again this year.

But hope I’m wrong.

not a chance in hell now that theyve cut armstead.

lol you make it seem like Armstead is this teams savior. What did he do for us last year? Sask seemed to be ok when they lost him to.

we will be fighting with Montreal for 3rd, Winnipeg has a lot of returnees from last year and with the Argos getting Joseph and making a few other moves, they are still going to be an 11 win team

last year, the team had virtually no CFL experience at receiver...this year - same problem.

cant get sustained drives, thus defence is on the field way too much - which is where ticat fans always seem to place the blame.

If Armstead would have been as good as he thought he was he would have got the money from Obie count on it.

If Armstead would have been as good as he thought he was he would have got the money from Obie count on it.
He was under contract for the season. I dont blame him for wanting to play it out.

where is jim mora when you need him motto this year"at least with games on thursday you do not spoil the whole weekend."

I think Hamilton will be playing at Toronto in the east semi. I also predict that Sask and Mon will be the bottom feeders for the west and east.

I will say it now.. if Hamilton does not finish at least 3rd in the east this year I will shave my beard. I love my beard very much but thats how sure I am. Its not some ZZ Top style though. Its maybe 1/2 inch long.

I'm really counting on Miles to have a great season though..

YES we will make the playoffs, and we wont squeek in we will be second in the east.

i hope.....


I dont think realistically we will make it. I just want the team to compete and take a step forward. Never quit, play tough, show they have pride, fight till the final gun every game. If we can win 6 or 7 games and maybe have some meaningful games down the stretch with the chance at me that would be a good year and a HUGE step. The team that won last year broke the cap, the team that wins this year will likely also break the cap and the year after also. Its never gonna be easy as long as you can win and make money by breaking the cap and we know this team never will.

I agree. I hope we make the playoffs, hell, I hope we win the Grey Cup, but I’m not depending on it. A competitive team with 6-7 wins would be indicators of progress.

Re. the cap, I hope we never break it, I don’t want us to cheat, whether it leads to winning or not. If it does become a habit that teams win by breaking the cap, then the CFL should increase the penalty for breaking it.

Here Idea for Cap Breakers
They would lose :
Same Dollar Amount as now
But also lose 3 1st round draft picks after 2nd time being over the cap.
That means if only have 1 a Season.
you don't have a 1st round pick for the next 3 seasons.
You also Can't trade up will you being Punsh for breaking the cap.

Good idea re the draft choices Onknight. Not sure about the no trading piece of it, but escalating forfeiture of draft choices would be great. Maybe the financial penalty would have to increase too.

Let's hope it doesn't become necessary.